Daughter of the Woods

My name is Michelle and I am a 25-year-old wanderer and wonder-er born and raised in Germany. This is my blog about a mindful living, my journey of moving to Sweden and the daily adventures of a creator.

I am a Bachelor of Arts and self taught photographer and singer. In Autumn 2018, I finished my Bachelor in Applied Literary and Cultural Studies but already during my study I started to run my own business as a photographer and content creator to work together with brands and also realise my own ideas through my nature portraits and music. I always felt rooted in the North and after my study, I decided to move to Sweden to start living a slow life close to nature. One day I wanna purchase a little cottage at the countryside with my own garden where I can grow vegetable, herbs and all kind of flowers, with a hammock to snooze in on hot Summer days, near by the forest and lakes, or maybe some mountains.

I sometimes feel a lot and dream big.
Welcome to my world - nice to have you here!
with love,