Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nuuksio covered in snow

Oh, beautiful, snowy Nuuksio! Last week Tiina and I made a trip to the Nuuksio Nationalpark nearby. It was gray when we were sitting on the bus and I was afraid that it would be cloudy although the weather forecast promised a blue sky and sunshine. But when we arrived at Haukkalampi, one of many entrances to the national park, the sky cleared up and the sun came out and created the most magical scenery I have ever experienced. Trees covered in snow extended in front of us and opened a path into a winter wonderland. 

The snow was so very deep and some paths have been quite difficult to walk on because the ice was hiding under the layer of fresh snow. We stamped through the woods and the sun was glittering through the white treetops. I just wanted to stay there, watching this enchanting view. My restless heart found some peace in this white idylle. 

We stopped for a moment of rest at a little bonfire, drank some tea and ate some snacks, while we were resting our feet and tried to warm up a little. I only slipped once on that trip, but walking down the steep paths and climbing the snowy hills, my respect for nature grew even bigger. Nature is so pure and calming, kind and gentle. But nature is also dangerous and full of secrets. 

What a magical day! Tiina and I were laughing while our feet were frozen. Nuuksio made us happy. Oh Nuuksio, you beautiful place! May you hide our secrets and laughter until we see each other again! 
Soon I will share some more photos, I took way too many! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Work Work Work

Hi! How is your Tuesday? Are you working on something particular today? I have to write this essay about film music and although it is really interesting and was fun watching Captain Fantastic (the movie I chose) I am lacking some motivation and energy to write all my thoughts down! Do you have any tips for that? Usually I am quite good at essay writing, but lately, I am just sick of it. I just wanna go outside for some forest adventures or read a good book what I haven't done for ages.

I made some lemon tea to enjoy, but you see it didn't really help against my laziness, hehe. I just have to get myself together now and work some hours properly, then I am done soon. Good luck with anything you are up to today or this week! Love to you! 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Tired Monday

Oh, today I am very tired. I could sleep the entire day, but there are so many things to do! I will go to bed early this night to wake up early early in the morning and work on my assignment before the sun will rise. Still, a lot to do this week before I have a week off and can go on little trips. Oh, it makes me so excited. When I am looking at the photo of me in the snowy woods of Nuuksio, I feel the urge of going there one more time. We will see! 

Spring arrived in Germany, at least that's what I saw on several photos on the internet. I miss the view of snowdrops and crocuses. Although I love the snow, I somehow miss colorful flowers and green. But I love winter and I will enjoy the last cold days before Spring will make its way to Finland as well. With or without cute little snowdrops! Have a good night! Love to you! 

A playlist I am listening to tonight:

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Happy Sunday

current favorite food: bagels with hummus
slips today: 1

Hej, everyone! Happy Sunday! I am currently cooking some noodles because I ran out of bagels. Bagels with hummus is what my diet consists of lately, it is just too good. I've spent the day with rewatching Captain Fantastic, which I've chosen for my essay about film music. It is a nice way to spend a Sunday. Earlier I went for a little walk to the shore in the snow, took some analog photos and watched a squirrel stealing the seeds from the birds. A very calming morning!

Oh, Nuuksio was such a magical place, I can't get over it! Soon I will share more photos here, but today I just did not feel like it except those few and a little video about the magical time we had (which you can watch down below). I love how Tiina captured me doing what I love the most - looking through a lens, catching the world's beauty. Soon I have so much more time to explore and travel, and I can't wait to go places and see the world (let's start with Finland)! I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Love to you!