Sunday, May 21, 2017

Home of the birch trees - And how to be a photographer

Hello dear ones! How have you spent this sunny Sunday? I waked to a fleamarket where I wandered around in the sun, listened to music and bought some woolen socks, a cotton blouse and an adorable blue Dala horse. Afterwards I spent the afternoon at my computer to edit the photos of my friends which I took yesterday at the band's promoshoot. The four of us met at some barns nearby here in Helsinki and walked by some different locations, trying out different shots. For around two hours we wandered through the forest until we found this lovely spot which was covered by these white birch trees and wood anemones. It was just the perfect place to take some photos. 

I stood in front of the camera a few times already but never really did a shoot for someone else. I am used to my tripod and remote, sometimes even a real human being behind the camera, but shooting someone else than me was a new experience. I have been so excited to finally improve my skills in portrait photography but at the same time I was very nervous to disappoint the others. Of course they knew that I am not a professional and I also did it for free, but still I built my own expectations and that puts even more pressure on me than anyone else could do. So I thought I might share some tips and tricks how to become a photographer although you are not a professional and share what worked for me!

1) Like with every other profession or hobby, practice is the key! I've got into photography a few years ago and since then I have practiced and improved a lot, but still I am a beginner and have so so much to learn. It is great that practice is combined with fun in this case so get outside and catch the world in your camera! Sometimes I feel like I am even a little too obsessed with taking photos because I barely leave the house without my camera, but who cares?

2) The best way to learn new things about your camera or photography is by meeting other photographers! Oh you have no idea how often I've met with friends, we took photos and out of nowhere I found out something totally new about my camera just because someone else showed me. It is good to get to know your camera by yourself but sharing experiences and knowledge helps so much! In the bigger cities there are photowalks or photography meetings sometimes - have a look if you can find like-minded people in your surrounding!

3) There are thousands of great photographers out there and they all do the same as we do so it is important to find your own style. It takes it time and like I said I am still a beginner myself, which means that I am still trying out things, practicing with my editing program, camera and style. At some point I guess you find your niche automatically. Just go with what you like!

4) Be confident! That's something I have to tell myself every single day. So very often in the past I compared myself to others and let's be honest, there are so many good photographers out there, who needs me then? But hey, we are all individuals and we have different ways of seeing and capturing the world, so yes, this world needs you! Trust in your own skills and take your time to find your way into it!

5) The combination is the key! It is not only about the camera. It also depends on the lens, the photographer and the object making a photo a good photo. So you can also do great photos without having the most expensive and best camera! Recently, I won a subscription for Adobe Lightroom and since then I am much happier with my photos. Working with the program brings me joy and I like to experiment with it! I know really good editing programs are expensive and I have been really lucky to win this, but I also noticed that it is really worth its money. 

6) Have fun! This is the most important thing for me because if you love what you do, sooner or later people will see that and they will see it in your pictures. So never loose the love for what you do and the fun doing it! Nevertheless what people might say, never start to just reach for fame or success. Success comes with passion - at least that's what I believe in and life taught me. 

Of course, if you wanna become a professional photographer you also have to work hard, I don't wanna romantize it too much. But I don't want people to forget that it doesn't always require a professional education to be successful with something you love! So to answer the question from the beginning: How to be a photographer - grab a camera and go out into the world!

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and catch some memories in some photographs! Take care, Lots of love!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Summer arrived in Finland

Hej, everyone! What a wonderful sunny and summerish day it has been! It has been so warm today that I didn't even need a jacket and it felt really weird to leave my woolen cardigan at home for the first time after the long winter months. 20 degrees and the warm summer sun made the forest look so very magical today! The white dots of the anemone nemurosas on the green forest floor made it look like in a fairytale. Polly and I went for a photo walk and took many pictures between pine trees and flowers which I can't wait to share with you in the coming days. 

After my last post, I instantly started to feel better! I was extremely nervous to publish my feelings and thoughts and have already been prepared for some negative comments, but oh my, I want to thank you all for your kindness and sweet reaction. I would have never expected to get such an understanding response from you. So many people could relate to my situation and so many sent me some kind wishes and words. I was really overwhelmed by all the love I received. 

So right after I wrote this long post, which I spent quite a few hours with since I added and deleted and changed the text a few times because while I was writing I processed all the struggles and re-thought things, I felt much better. I gave myself a therapy by writing down what bothered me and while I was writing I came to the conclusion that this is not what I wanted. I wanted to be happy again, and it might sound weird, but my heart lifted somehow and a weight has been taken from my chest. Since then days have been way better! After weeks of avoiding going to bed I could finally fall asleep again without sadness, anxiety or insomnia. I sleep well again and the mornings are less frightening again. The sun is shining, the air smells like summer and I am feeling good. It feels so good to be back on track. 

So now I am looking forward to two weeks I have left here in Helsinki. They are filled with meetings and adventures, starting with me taking photos of a friend of mine and his band tomorrow in the woods. Also I will go to the botanical garden next week with Mia, visit Fia in Tallinn to explore the city and do music together and might also do a boat trip with some Finnish photographers which I am really excited about! I am planning a Goodbye- picnic with all my friends, want to go to Tampere, and just enjoy the last days with the people I love. As you can see, the last weeks here are filled with adventures and nice people. I enjoy every second even more, now that I know that my time is limited. It makes things even more precious. 

These are some more of the photos Majbritt and I took in Nuuksio when she visited me. It is so lovely to look at them and remember the hilarious moments we spent wandering through the woods. Now I will go to sleep, although my body is still pretty energized because it is still light outside although it is almost 11 pm. Oh, I am so excited because of the happy feeling inside of me. It feels so strange to have it back, but so much more I enjoy it! I hope you had a wonderful Friday! Do you have any plans for the weekend? Please let me know! Lots of love to you!