Happy Samhain!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hej, allihopa! Happy Samhain to you! - or Happy Halloween or Reformation Day, whatever you believe in, whatever you wanna celebrate! October comes to an end and so does the harvest season. It is time to prepare for the colder and darker days and to get ready for Winter. All the leaves have turned red and fell off and the trees and bushes are looking naked and sleepy by now. Nature lets go of what is left of Summer and gets ready for Winter. It is the wheel of life and the circle of seasons - letting go of the old so we can receive the new. The transition from Autumn to Winter is one of my favorite times. I love snowy Winters but I also enjoy the times of candles, foggy mornings and forests covered in all shades of orange and red. Autumn is a wonderful time to settle and find some inner peace again! 

I am happy to let go of Summer and welcome the dark time of the year - I feel comfortable in the dark, I enjoy the nights with candles and the moon, and I find that the light in Autumn and Winter is so much more gentle. 
Even though I am not an official member of the Wicca culture or Pagans, I find truth in many of their beliefs and mindsets. This day is dedicated to the celebration of the death and the lives of those who have left us already - paying our respect to our ancestors and every beloved soul which has gone from this earth before us. I think it doesn't matter how we call it, but we should take a moment to become aware of our mortality which we sometimes forget in the rush of life. We should remember the ones we've lost and reminisce our memories together. We all are going to die someday, but wherever we will go afterwards, we will continue living in the hearts of those we touched. 
Also, I think there is nothing wrong with a little more magic in our lives, believing in witches, ghosts or fairies - one night of the year let's walk among the wandering spirits! 

Let's get ready for the darker season and celebrate our loved ones - I wish you all a magical day! Take care of your soul and heart. Love, Michelle


Favorites of October - Music

Sunday, October 29, 2017


Hello Autumn - Wonderful Golden October

Monday, October 16, 2017

Hej allihoppa! Oh, what a wonderful golden October! Do you enjoy Autumn as much as I do? After the last couple of weeks have been gray and rainy, the Autumn sun showed up finally and turned the forests into an ocean of yellow and red colors. You have no idea how much it cheers me up and how happy I get when summer is over and the colder seasons finally start - my seasons. There is so much I love about the time between October and January. 

I love to walk through the golden forests, listen to the sound of crispy leaves underneath my boots, swirl them up and watch them slowly falling to the ground. The autumn sun on my face and the slightly cool breeze in my hair. The smell of Autumn and slowly crawling in Winter. The beginning of Pumpkin Season, the idea of Thanksgiving and the magic of Samhain. Morning dew on my window and thick layers of mist on the fields - Autumn got an extra portion of enchantment. I love to bake plum or apple pie with fruits from the garden or spending the nights with knitting and some hot tea in front of the windows in candlelight, now that the nights come in earlier again. Oh, Autumn is in my heart and I enjoy every second of this season of change. 

Last Wednesday my first Swedish lesson started and it was so much fun! The teacher is the kindest and he does really well in teaching in a funny and entertaining way. I love to finally use the language and to practice. So you might read some more Swedish here soon, hihi! Moreover, I spend most of my time with creative projects as knitting, working on my little EP, finishing assignments and working in the Health Store... The days are busy but it makes me happy! 

I will finish my tea now and then read a little before going to bed! I hope you have the most magical Autumn time! Let me know what's your favorite thing about the colder months if you like! I would love to share some Autumn love! Lots of love to you, take care! Vi ses! - Michelle


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