Hello Autumn - Wonderful Golden October

Monday, October 16, 2017

Hej allihoppa! Oh, what a wonderful golden October! Do you enjoy Autumn as much as I do? After the last couple of weeks have been gray and rainy, the Autumn sun showed up finally and turned the forests into an ocean of yellow and red colors. You have no idea how much it cheers me up and how happy I get when summer is over and the colder seasons finally start - my seasons. There is so much I love about the time between October and January. 

I love to walk through the golden forests, listen to the sound of crispy leaves underneath my boots, swirl them up and watch them slowly falling to the ground. The autumn sun on my face and the slightly cool breeze in my hair. The smell of Autumn and slowly crawling in Winter. The beginning of Pumpkin Season, the idea of Thanksgiving and the magic of Samhain. Morning dew on my window and thick layers of mist on the fields - Autumn got an extra portion of enchantment. I love to bake plum or apple pie with fruits from the garden or spending the nights with knitting and some hot tea in front of the windows in candlelight, now that the nights come in earlier again. Oh, Autumn is in my heart and I enjoy every second of this season of change. 

Last Wednesday my first Swedish lesson started and it was so much fun! The teacher is the kindest and he does really well in teaching in a funny and entertaining way. I love to finally use the language and to practice. So you might read some more Swedish here soon, hihi! Moreover, I spend most of my time with creative projects as knitting, working on my little EP, finishing assignments and working in the Health Store... The days are busy but it makes me happy! 

I will finish my tea now and then read a little before going to bed! I hope you have the most magical Autumn time! Let me know what's your favorite thing about the colder months if you like! I would love to share some Autumn love! Lots of love to you, take care! Vi ses! - Michelle


A walk with Eve in Nuuksio

Sunday, October 1, 2017

On a rainy Saturday lovely Eve and I made an appointment for a walk in the Nuuksio Nationalpark. Since I wanted to visit my little oak tree once again before I leave Finland and Eve lives very close to the national park we decided to meet for a stroll through the forest and to say Hi to Little Puu. 

After we finally found each other at the Espoo train station, we made our way up North to Kattila, a northern entrance to the National park. We went by car and while we were driving through the Finnish landscape, passing the forests and red wooden cottages, we talked and laughed and got to know each other better. We almost lost our way, since I only remembered the way from when we went for the tree planting, but we managed to find Kattila and arrived in the light rain a little later. 

 After visiting my little oak tree, we made our way into the forest while it was raining slightly. I remember we talked about a thousand of things. Eve is a wonderful and fascinating human being and we didn't run out of topic to talk about. It always makes me so happy to meet people that share my passions and interests and I have so much in common with! We left the official path to pick some last blueberries from the bushes. We've been amazed how many have been left since the blueberry season has been almost over. There have been little red dots of lingonberries on the ground but also lots of blueish ones. We filled our kuksas (the wooden cups) with delicious berries and enjoyed the refreshing and natural snack.  

I don't know how much time we've spent between the bushes picking berries, but after a long while we went back on the track, our fingers dyed blue and red by the berries. Our tummies and hearts filled with new energy we continued our walk deeper into the forest. The woods have been covered in slight misty rain and I thought it looked very mystic and calm. We walked and walked and walked before we made our way up a little hill hoping to find a spot from where we had a view over the forest. Sadly, we didn't find such a spot but instead, we sat down under some trees to have some tea and watch the forest and the quietness. 

Later on, we made our way back to the car and went back to Helsinki. We listened to Of Monsters And Men in the car and sang along, and it has been the perfect soundtrack while driving back through the misty forests. I still remember that I came home feeling lots of love and happiness and excitement because the forests filled my heart with peace, and meeting Eve inspired me so very much - she is such a wonderful soul and I feel very happy that I've been able to meet her. I hope it wasn't the last time! Moreover, I have been overjoyed to see Little Puu another time before I left home for Germany. My little tree had already grown some baby leaves! I am really excited how it will look like when I come back there the next time. 

The forests make my heart beating faster and my soul jumping of joy!

Say Hi to Eve here!


Favorites of September - Music

Friday, September 29, 2017


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