Friday, March 24, 2017

Free Friday Painting

Happy Friday, everyone! Today's weather is going crazy! The sun was welcoming the morning with its brightest smile but a few seconds ago it started snowing. I really had to laugh watching the thick white snowflakes spinning through the air. Have we traveled forward in time, it feels like April-weather! Well, at least I don't regret that I haven't gone to Seurasaari like I actually planned to on my free Friday. It is a small island just around the corner and there are many many cute squirrels home. I wanted to go there for weeks now and thought this sunny Friday would be a nice occasion to welcome the Spring with a trip to the squirrels. But this morning I woke up and felt like being creative, so I sat down and started painting. A few hours later my mumbling tummy reminded me of maybe getting up from my painting and eat something. Now I finished my lunch and am thinking about what to do with the rest of the day. Since it is still cloudy outside I might just go for a quick walk. We will see! I hope you will have a good start into the weekend! Tomorrow I will visit sweet Mia and we will draw together or go on a fleamarket. Whatever we are going to do, it will be a lovely day, I am sure. Lots of love to you!
Original Painting available here: Treasures of the Wood

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Little talk with a squirrel

Oh Hello! This little one I met on my walk to the shore this afternoon. The sun was shining so brightly and although I have a lot of work to do I wanted to catch some glimpses of Spring before I get back to my books. I saw this little red squirrel jumping around in the trees with its furry friend and stealing bird seeds. It came so close I could almost stroke it. 

At my favourite spot down at the shore I found some snowdrops which made me so very happy! Real signs of Spring! This little white heads with green spots remind me of fairies. I enjoyed the view of these little white spots on the ground and the sun shimmering on the still frozen sea. 

Spring makes me really happy and I am looking forward to more sunny and warm days! What do you love about Spring the most? Have a wonderful day! Love to you!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The wish for Spring and getting aware of our mortality

Hello Hello! How are you doing? Winter and Spring seem to fight a little battle here at the moment. Yesterday was such a sunny and warm day (at least what's warm for Finnish standards) but this morning it started snowing again. Strange weather, but I really hope that the sun will come out again soon because I noticed how much it effects my mood. I feel so much more productive, even now as the sun is just coming out behind the clouds for a golden sunset! 

Last night was very emotional for me again. When I lay in bed my thoughts often get uncontrollable and most of the time I get lost in my sorrow and doubts, and it makes me unable to sleep but sad and melancholic. Gladly I had someone last night who held me and hugged me tightly so I was not alone with my pain and sadness. Once in a while I just realize that we are humans, we are mortal, and life is short and unpredictable. I won't live forever, and neither will my beloved ones. It is a hard thing to remember, but it reminds me of living every day like it's the last and appreciating every moment I get with the people I love! It also makes me focus on what is really important for me in life and what I don't wanna waste my time with. It makes me less stress about unimportant assignments for university and focus on those things that make me really happy like drawing and music, and being in nature. Of course, we should also think about the future, but I feel like we sometimes lose a healthy balance and forget that we just live once and life could be over tomorrow. And if so I don't want to regret missing my time with the things that make me happy and the people I love. It is a cheesy and cliche talking but it is true. Life is so short, don't spend it on unnecessary worries!

I am sorry, this is a little saddening and melancholic day. I hope you are all fine and you embrace life! I send you a lot of love, hopefully the Spring will come soon!

So since music makes me happy, I recorded my new song the other day. It is about what makes me the happiest: the wild. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

When the darkness comes

When I opened the curtains on Wednesday morning, the sun was welcoming me with its warm sunbeams. I opened the window and the fresh Spring breeze came into my room, the sound of birds and the vivid city was audible and the blue sky was shining brightly. That morning the Spring feeling arrived and I welcomed it with open arms. I was dancing through the city like Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and my mood was the lightest. I couldn't stop smiling, life seemed so exciting and wonderful.

If you had asked me a month ago whether I suffered from Winter depression, I would've probably answered with No. But on that particular Spring morning, I realized that I might have stuck in a certain kind of dark Winter hole the past couple of months. 
They warned me. "Winter will be long and full of darkness!", "You will hate Winter in a few months!". I did not believe them. I love Winter! I adore snow, the cold days, the winter-sun, being cozy with a tea, a blanket, and good music, winter walks, the magical air of a winter morning - Winter is full of magic and beauty. But Winter has also its gray and rainy days. Days when it stays dark and miserable the entire day, when the melted snow is covering the street and creates a path of mud instead of a winter wonderland. Winter can be cruel and depressive, lonesome and demotivating. I realized that after feeling the first rays of sunlight on my skin and the sound of the birds in the trees the other day after such a long time of rain. 
I knew this Winter would be long and you might have seen all the photos of sunny winter days, of my adventures in the snowy woods and my time at the countryside with the northern lights and tons of snow. I am still in love with the north and its long winter months, but I started to appreciate Spring and Summer much more after those weeks of grayness. I am looking forward to the green forests, flowers and longer days. Winter can be very quiet sometimes. When the world is covered in snow the earth turns silent. Winter has its own magical sounds, like the sound of ice on a frozen sea or the sounds of a snowstorm outside of the window, but I am happy to listen to the birds singing again, to hear the summer breeze coming through my window and the earth awakening from its winter sleep. My mood was very erratic the past couple of weeks, some days I was so demotivated to get out of bed that I just didn't. I tried to motivate myself and make the best out of it, and I must say I did very well. I went on so many adventures and looking back to this Winter I only see the good and happy moments and blend out the days of sadness and gray clouds.

I wanted to share some tips against Winter depression:

  •  I thought it might be unnecessary but I realize it makes you feel better when you take some Vitamin D supplements during the Winter months.  You might not really notice the lack of Vitamin D until you take some- your mood will lighten up and your energy comes back. 

  •  Go outside as much as you can during the day. Enjoy the little amount of sunlight you get during the winter months when there are only around 4-5 hours of sunlight per day. Most of the people leave the house in the morning in darkness to go to work and come back in the afternoon when the sun's set already. But if you are able to go for a walk in the morning, do so! It will make you feel much more energized and motivated! And the fresh air gives you an extra amount of alertness.

  •  A healthy and vitamin-packed diet helps to keep your mood balanced and energy high. Fruits, vegetables and a lot of water will help you to feel less tired and also work against the lack of energy during the darkness. St. John's word (Hypericum calycinum) is rumored to be a herb which helps against Winter depression as well and you can add it to your tea easily. Sport and activity in general, like long walks, do also help against the Winter depression.

  •  Lighten some candles and enjoy the cozy sides of the winter darkness. Make yourself a tea, wrap yourself in a comfy blanket, watch a movie, read a book or knit some socks. Winter is not only depressing, it also creates a unique homely atmosphere! A walk in the snowy fields followed by some warm porridge, soup or just a cup of hot chocolate and a hot bath or sauna will create a positive mind. 

  • If you feel really depressed and demotivated in Winter and none of the tips above help you, you can also try some daylight lamps which simulates the natural daylight and makes you feel less sleepy and better tempered. 

But all in all, never forget that Winter will leave at a certain point and Spring is ahead! Do not drown in Winter Depression but try to make the best out of the dark months and its beauties! I hope you all enjoyed the Winter to its fullest and are looking forward to Spring! I wish you a wonderful weekend! Lots of love to you!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Helsinki Drawing Club

Happy Friday, everyone! Yesterday the first meeting of the Helsinki Drawing Club took place in the Pasila Libary here in Helsinki. My friend Mia and her friend Sasha organized this Club for the first time to let people with the passion for drawing and creating come together and spend some time being creative. We have been welcomed with some tea and cookies, different art supplies and a smile. It was so very lovely to meet the others and to chat about different ways to print our art, different pens and colors and all the other ideas and experiences we had to share! Three hours went by so very fast and have been really meditative. I tried out to draw with some markers and really liked it, so I wanna get some of those in the art store to try out new things. I also realized that crayons are not my cup of tea - I drew a picture of mountains which looked like made by a 5-year old, haha. But it was fun to try out new things! I can't wait for the next meeting!

We have been a small group what made it really nice to talk about each of our styles of drawing and experiences.

Sweet Mia is such an inspiration for me! She has her own cute way of seeing things and putting them on paper.

My Paintings available here: Treasures Of The Wood - more about The Helsinki Drawing Club: Facebook