With the train through the Finnish countryside - A trip to Turku

Hello, beautiful souls! How are you doing? I came back from a short trip to Turku a few seconds ago and felt like telling you about my past few days. I feel like a really bad blogger because I would love to share so many photos and stories with you, but I am not feeling that good recently and so I haven't been really motivated to write something. But I will catch up with it and soon I will share all the adventures of the past weeks with you! 

Yesterday I went spontaneously to Turku to visit Joel, who usually lives here in Helsinki, but has been in Turku for some work. And for that reason, he invited me to stay for a night and to show me some beautiful places in Turku, Finland's former capital city. Already the way there by train was worth the trip. I drove through the Finnish countryside for two hours and I enjoyed it so much listening to music while the forests and fields were rushing by and my thoughts flew with the clouds. I love to travel by train, maybe because I feel like being in a movie, maybe because I enjoy seeing many miles of a country in a short time. It calms me down. I saw many cottages and birch trees covering the fields that are slowly getting greener now. The sun was shining and I have been happy to be on the road.

When I arrived in Turku it started raining but Joel and I didn't let the weather ruin our mood. Sitting on the carrier of his bike we rushed down the hills, and oh, you have no idea how free I felt! I wanted to spread my arms and let the wind touch my body and let my hair fly in the breeze, instead, I kept holding onto Joel to not fall off the bike. But oh my, I felt so good, I felt so happy. I laughed while Joel just thought I was crazy giggling at his back. We went to his place and picked up a second bike, followed by a two-hour long tour through the city. It felt like Joel showed me every single cottage in Turku because we both like them a lot and cried about not having one of our own. We sat on a hill from where we had an amazing view over the city, and although it was still raining I enjoyed this moment so much. What a wonderful day it was! I took some photos of Joel before we were heading to the harbour where we found a giant daisy! I couldn't believe my eyes, haha! Joel tried to pull out a pedal screaming "She loves me, she loves me not!" Oh how much I smiled!

This morning, I made my way back to Helsinki, watching the beautiful landscape passing by the second time. It has been such a lovely short trip and now I can make a check behind Turku on my list of cities I wanted to see before I leave. Next weekend I will meet wonderful Fia, a lovely soul, and musician who is living in Tallinn, another city I wanted to see. She will show me her favourite places and we will make some music together. I am so so excited! But this is it for now! I am sorry for not writing regularly, but I promise it will change! Take care, and have a wonderful and sunny day, everyone! Lots of love to you!