When you are with me


-when you are with me, I carry a smile -When I arrived here in Finland, I wanted to meet strangers, I wanted to get to know the Finnish culture by getting to know Finns. I wanted to speak English, 'cause for me, it feels like I am someone else when I speak in another language, somehow it feels magical. I wanted to leave the 'German past' behind and dive into the 'Finnish future'. But then I met Mona in our tutor group and because I don't believe in coincidence I think we were meant to meet each other to support and cheer each other up on our journey. Since then we spent so much time together laughing, wandering through the woods, taking photos, sweating in sauna, jumping into the ice-cold seawater at night, drinking hot chocolate and talking nonsense or about deep topics late at night. I am happy that I found such good friends here, they make my life brighter.