What has been going on? - A little update


Hello there!

It's Michelle! Do you still remember me? Again, it took me so long to find my way back here... I wanted to share a little update for quite some time but I haven't found the energy yet since it is so very warm here right now and I've been so busy. But now, I am back and I wanna share with you what was going on the past few weeks and what I am busy with. I hope you are all doing very well and can enjoy Summer as much as it's possible with this heat wave.

A few things have happened since I've posted here last time. First of all, I am not working at the Health Store any longer. My contract ran out a week ago and the didn't continue it because of financial reasons. Even though I've been thinking about quitting anyway to get some more time for other things, it still made me sad because I would have liked to choose myself when I quit. I loved to work there and to leave so soon came as a surprise for all of us. The year went so quickly and the job became part of my daily life. It feels weird not to work there anymore so suddenly. But, I am okay with it since it gives me much more time for my thesis now, which I am finally working on...


I finally (!) found a tutor for my bachelor thesis as well as a topic I'll write about. If you got lost in the whole thesis chaos, which I wouldn't mind, let me sum it up for you very quickly: first I was lost in the neverending amount of things I could write about since we could choose whatever we want and had no list or anything we could choose from. When I finally found a topic (the one about Astrid Lindgren) I went to a tutor but she rejected my idea. So I started looking for a new one, read a billion of books, worked it out and wanted to go to the tutor again. But she was never available. Then I chose to look for a new tutor. Ended up very confused about the new topic since it was about philosophy which can sometimes be like quicksand if you don't take care, and so the other day I decided to throw everything overboard and start anew.
I decided for a topic I have been interested some time ago, I wrote to a woman that seemed very suitable as a tutor, and see: she agreed, I met her on Thursday and now I am officially writing the thesis. I am wondering WHY IT TOOK ME SO LONG AND ALL THE CHAOS AND DESPERATION?! Like seriously, it gave me lots of anxiety and depression the past weeks. But never mind, now I see a light at the end of the tunnel again and hope that I can finish it soon! For those who care about it, I am writing about Jane Eyre now.
This took a heavy weight from my shoulders. Also, that I had the exam for my second Swedish class and if I pass I will have officially accomplished Level A1 in the Swedish language. I am a bit sad as well to leave the Swedish group since it takes place at the University and I won't be there anymore for the Autumn term when the next class takes place. But I'm so motivated and excited to continue practicing. I already notice such a huge progress with my comprehension! The other day a package by dear Sina from Sweden arrived who sent me some Swedish children books - I am so excited to read those!

So these are the things that happened. Might not sound like a lot, but it's a huge difference for me. The next weeks will be filled with reading and writing, maybe also continuing recording my album which I am still working on but just trying not to pressure myself with too much, practicing Swedish and surviving the heat. I hope I can give you a new update with more exciting news soon!

Thank you for reading this and for being part of my sometimes little less exciting journey!

Lots of love and a wonderful sunny Sunday,