What a wonderful day in Porvoo!

Oh, what a wonderful day! I can't stop smiling! My feet hurt and I am very very tired but so very happy. I've spent the entire day in Porvoo today and I had a wonderful time there. The sun was shining bright, it was cold and beautiful. Porvoo is such a cute little town and the houses are as colourful as my watercolour palette. I will spend the rest of the night with editing the photos from my camera and the video about my trip, but here you can see a few photos I took with my phone for now. I wish you a good night! Love to you!

Such neat houses in Porvoo! I also bought an enamel cup in an antique store!

Somehow I always end up in the forest, haha. But I had the most wonderful view of the old town up there.

Can you spot the moon? He was my companion today, together with the sun!

On my way back to the city I saw this mistletoe hanging lonely from a birch tree. But there was nobody around to kiss, what bad luck! 

I was freezing, but the sun looked enchanting when she started to set. The bus home was warm, I closed my eyes, while the sun was dancing orange behind the trees. Now I am home and warm and happy. Happy me!