week in pictures || w19 2018


Another week has gone by and it felt like it passed so quickly because I've spent half of it in Hamburg and the rest of the week I had to catch up with my to-do list and work. On Tuesday, I left for my train back home in the evening, spent time sitting on the platform watching the sunset because my train had a delay of an hour, and listened to music while waiting. I arrived at home around midnight and had a bit of a struggle settling so the next morning came too quickly, I've been a bit lost in hurrying to my Swedish class in the afternoon and got a bit stressed. But it didn't take too long to calm down again.

On Thursday, I went out for a walk with Balu again, which I haven't seen for almost two weeks now due to my vacation. He has been so happy to see me again and so was I! The sky and fields have been a bit foggy and grey from the first Summer thunderstorm but so idyllic and calm. I found some Lily of the Valleys in the garden and picked a few to put them on my desk. Lily of the Valley is my favorite flower because it stands for happiness and selflessness and it is the national flower of Finland where I found my happiness again (you see the connection). Besides that, it looks like the hat of a little fairy, which is so cute! Yesterday a girl on Instagram drew me and my favorite flower because she saw it in my stories and I am so overwhelmed how talented some people are! This portrait is so very adorable! She told me she wanna send it to me and so I am really looking forward to holding it in my hands soon and to add it to the little collection of portraits of mine which have been drawn of me by such wonderful souls over the past years.


When I arrived home the other day, a little package by Nord-T arrived! It's a company that sells wonderful, organic and special teas from Finland and I've got to know them a year ago because a friend of mine gave one of their teas to me as a farewell gift when I left Finland last June. Their teas smell so good and I love that they include so many wonderful berries and herbs from the Finnish woods! I can't wait to try the " A float with Folkboat" one - it has dried strawberries in it and smells sooooo good!

Moreover, I worked together with @etepetete_bio this week which is a company that works together with organic farmers in Germany to save fruits and veggies that wouldn't make it into the grocery store and puts together boxes that can be delivered to your doorstep! For years, I've been really sad about the amount of food that is wasted in our country, that grocery stores do not donate the food that isn't sold and people do not buy the "ugly" food just because it doesn't stand up to stupid standards. That's why I really enjoyed working with Etepetete to make aware of that problem and fight against food waste! Their box was filled with good fruits and vegetables, I have been really surprised how much wonderful food fitted into the box - including some green asparagus, which I was happy about the most because I haven't eaten it for a very long time and like I already mentioned in my last post, I've always made it with my friend Tiina when I still lived in Finland! I really enjoyed cooking, styling and shooting the food - and of course, eating it most of all!


Friday and Saturday I spent with looooots of work! I had to catch up on my to-do list and worked in the Health store. I also created a little portfolio page for my product photography which I wanted to add to my blog and still want to do a similar one for my portrait photography. Putting together my favorite photos shows how one creates a certain kind of style for their photos... sometimes I don't really recognize it. On the right photo, you can see my happy face when my bed and I were finally reunited after a full Saturday working at the Health store hihi. 


But after work, I watched the Eurovision Song Contest with my mum which is like a little celebration to me every year. I know there might also be a lot wrong about the ESC, but I like to focus on the atmosphere and the spirit of the contest: celebrating our shared love for music, celebrating our countries and cultures, celebrating life and happiness, standing together against the evil of the world. It doesn't matter to me who wins in the end, everyone is a winner! Of course, I also had my favorite, in my opinion, Italy's song has been the best, and I also wanted Germany to win, that's the whole fun of a contest - to be excited and nervous and to jump up and down every time your country gets some points, but in the end I am happy for every artist that wins the game, because it means that this person touched someone and made people happy!  And like I said, each of the contestants is a winner because they have been part of this great event! I know that one evening might not solve all the problems in the world, but it will make them be forgotten for one night and it will let hope and happiness grow in the people - and since many of the songs had a deeper message I also find that an important way of making aware! Because nothing is more powerful than a song that finds its way into people's hearts! 


Now it's Sunday, the sun is shining and I have to decide how to spend my free time best. I still have to edit the photos I took of Miriam in the flowers a week ago. I'm feeling very bad about taking so long because I know how excited I am when  someone takes photos of me and I really wanna see them, so I don't wanna let her wait any longer. But I just haven't had time yet. I also wanna work on a video about my time with Ingrid and Jürgen, we filmed so much and I want to put it all together. But that's further down on the list of things I have to finish. For now, I will just have a slow day and see what I feel like doing! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and a good start into the new week!

Lots of Love, Michelle