Vegan burger and painting with Mia

God kväll! How has your day been? This morning started pretty hectically since my phone broke last night and I had to head to the store very early this morning to buy some screwdrivers to repair it. It is working again, at least for now, fingers crossed that it will stay alive for a while. After this life-saving mission, I made my way to Vantaa to visit sweet Mia at her home. We first went for a walk at a little stream, saw some ducks and cute waterfalls and had a quick visit to a second-hand store afterwards. I've bought a few ceramic mugs and cups for my brushes and pens to place on my desk. I also can't get this beautiful light yellow old enamel pot out of my head which I really fell in love with but didn't buy because I actually have no room for it. 

After getting home from our little trip Mia made these delicious vegan burgers. They have been by far the best thing I have eaten in a while! Ahh, they were so so good! And afterwards, we even made some avocado-lime cupcakes which have been Spring in form of pastry! So refreshing and so nice with a cup of tea during our painting session!

Mia gave me this portrait she made of me. Isn't it the cutest thing? I adore the title "Winter" 'cause it describes me perfectly. The painting already found its place on my shelf now and it makes me so so happy every time I have a look at it!

We drew for hours, the table was filled with all kind of markers, pens and watercolours and we were listening to some folk music while talking and laughing. It was such a wonderful wonderful day! I am so happy and tired now! Hopefully, we will meet again soon! 

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