Tired Monday

Oh, today I am very tired. I could sleep the entire day, but there are so many things to do! I will go to bed early this night to wake up early early in the morning and work on my assignment before the sun will rise. Still, a lot to do this week before I have a week off and can go on little trips. Oh, it makes me so excited. When I am looking at the photo of me in the snowy woods of Nuuksio, I feel the urge of going there one more time. We will see! 

Spring arrived in Germany, at least that's what I saw on several photos on the internet. I miss the view of snowdrops and crocuses. Although I love the snow, I somehow miss colourful flowers and green. But I love winter and I will enjoy the last cold days before Spring will make its way to Finland as well. With or without cute little snowdrops! Have a good night! Love to you! 

A playlist I am listening to tonight: