The wish for Spring and getting aware of our mortality

Hello Hello! How are you doing? Winter and Spring seem to fight a little battle here at the moment. Yesterday was such a sunny and warm day (at least what's warm for Finnish standards) but this morning it started snowing again. Strange weather, but I really hope that the sun will come out again soon because I noticed how much it affects my mood. I feel so much more productive, even now as the sun is just coming out behind the clouds for a golden sunset! 

Last night was very emotional for me again. When I lay in bed my thoughts often get uncontrollable and most of the time I get lost in my sorrow and doubts, and it makes me unable to sleep but sad and melancholic. Gladly I had someone last night who held me and hugged me tightly so I was not alone with my pain and sadness. Once in a while I just realize that we are humans, we are mortal, and life is short and unpredictable. I won't live forever, and neither will my beloved ones. It is a hard thing to remember, but it reminds me of living every day like it's the last and appreciating every moment I get with the people I love! It also makes me focus on what is really important for me in life and what I don't wanna waste my time with. It makes me less stress about unimportant assignments for university and focus on those things that make me really happy like drawing and music, and being in nature. Of course, we should also think about the future, but I feel like we sometimes lose a healthy balance and forget that we just live once and life could be over tomorrow. And if so I don't want to regret missing my time with the things that make me happy and the people I love. It is a cheesy and cliche talking but it is true. Life is so short, don't spend it on unnecessary worries!

I am sorry, this is a little saddening and melancholic day. I hope you are all fine and you embrace life! I send you a lot of love, hopefully, the Spring will come soon!

So since music makes me happy, I recorded my new song the other day. It is about what makes me the happiest: the wild.