The love of writing by hand

For many years I maintained several penpal-ships all over the world. A few summers ago I started to exchange letters with lovely souls from all kind of places. I wrote with Filippa from Sweden about the Swedish summer, philosophized with Stephanie from England about the human existence and exchanged poems and thoughts with Oona from Finland. Expecting a letter in my mail is one of the most exciting things in everyday life. It brings so much joy and excitement to wait for some new stories, thoughts and little treasures hidden between handwritten paper. 

I had the honour to work with Lamy and Journeybook this month to talk about the love of writing by hand. I can still remember my birthday many years ago when my grandma gifted me my first fountain pen. It was by Lamy and made out of wood with some red decorations. I have been quite young back then and only started to explore the world of calligraphy and handwriting.  The joy of writing by hand, watching the ink setting on the white paper, creating blue lines on the white surface, never changed throughout the years. In the modern society where most of the conversations happen on our phones or computers, sitting down with patience and dedication, writing down a message for someone by hand became a rarity. 

Lamy stands for good quality writing devices and their variety of pens provides a beautiful and high-quality utensil for everyone, like this Lamy Accent with smooth Bruyere. In their collaboration with JourneyBook they combine two major pleasures - writing and travelling. JourneyBook offers several journey books for different kind of destinations, including Scandinavia, Island, Canada and many more. It provides you many pages to collect memories, thoughts, space to plan and organize, and plenty of side notes to get to know your travel destination a little better. Which is your next destination?

Throughout my stay in Finland I exchanged many letters with dear souls, I sat down at night to write down my songs in my little notebook and I left notes and little, hidden letters to my beloved ones, which they found after I left. Writing something by hand leaves a piece of your soul with it - it becomes much more personal when someone writes you a message by hand because it contains their mark. I can delete a text message or an email, but I keep handwritten notes or letters because it feels like someone sat down with you and told you a secret. The ink sank into the paper and anchored with the filament of the words. What a wonderful thing would it be to find some old, faded handwritten letters of deceased souls in the future when all the text messages already got lost in the neverending space of the virtual world? Am I the only one who feels the spirit and soul through that piece of paper which contains so much history?

Do you still write letters or is this a slowly dying tradition - and do you have a favourite writing utensil?