The Great Surprise!

Good morning, everyone! I am still laying in bed, snuggling in my blanket because I have a bad cold. I slept for twelve hours and the sun is rising outside creating a beautiful orange light on the trees. 

I have been away for a few days and I wanted to share the reason with you. The past couple of days have been really exciting and busy. A few months ago, my grandma and my brother called me to share a secret plan with me. My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this weekend with a big big party with friends, neighbours, and family and my grandma had the idea to let me come to Germany to crash the party and surprise my parents. Of course, I have been absolutely excited about that idea and agreed, booked a flight and prepared my suitcase. In the meanwhile, the three of us had to act like we were actors for an oscar-rewarding movie. My parents asked me themselves if I wanna fly to Germany to come to the party, but I tried to make the excuse that I had to study and have an exam that week. I really saw their disappointment but I thought it was worth it if the surprise makes them happy in the end. Afterwards, I have been told that people already have been disappointed and angry because I said I wouldn't come and that they couldn't understand that their daughter had no time. I really laughed about that. 

 So I woke up at half past four on Sunday, grabbed my suitcase and made my way to the airport. It was a long and exhausting travel plus the nervosity and excitement. My brother picked me up at the airport and we went to his girlfriend's place where we got ready for the party. You have no idea how excited and nervous I have been, wuuah. We made our way to the location then and waited outside until my brother called us. My cousin, who studies in England at the moment has been brought to the party by my grandma as well and so we walked inside together when my brother made the speech. "We have a little surprise for you, we hope you like it!" - with those words, my grandma and my cousin went inside and my mum already started crying. But when I followed behind them and my parents saw me, my mum really burst into tears and my dad swallowed hard. My dad never cries so this says a lot.When he held a speech, later on, he started crying again. It was the biggest surprise ever. I can barely remember anything from that moment because my heart was beating so hard in my chest, but people were amazed and calling my name and couldn't believe that I came. 

I've never felt that good. It made me so incredibly happy to see them both so happy. I said Hello to all the others which were a little bit stressful because everyone wanted to know how I've been and how my time in Finland was, but it so nice at the same time to see them all again after quite a long time. When everyone finished dinner, I grabbed the microphone and made a short, pretty goofy, speech and sang the song for them I wrote a few weeks ago. It was my gift for them and they really loved it. 

That night was a great success! I had so much fun, danced my trouble away, laughed and talked so much and enjoyed the fresh Spring breeze which was so nice after months of rain and greyness. The next two days I spent with my family and cleaning my room. It was a really odd feeling to be back at "home" - everything felt so strange. 

Now I am back in Helsinki, having a bad cold. But I still have so much to do today, because Majbritt will visit me for the next couple of days and we have lots of adventures planned. So I will drink a big glass of water now and then make my way into the sunshine.

But this was the reason I was absent for a while. I hope you are all fine! Lots of love to you!