Sunday Blues

Oh, what a strange day! You remember that yesterday has been quite goofy and weird already? It ended pretty strangely as well, and when I woke up at 8.43 this morning it was grey and foggy outside - perfect weather for the mess in my head. I felt like a zombie today, a true Sunday! But still I am pretty happy, and that is nice. Maybe it's because I started to take some Vitamine D pills again, which improve my mood so much, that even a goofy Saturday and a grey Sunday can't upset it. 

Anyway, I went for a walk over to the shore, which was hard to reach because all the paths have still been frozen but also started to melt and so there have been seas where usually are no seas. I went back home after half an hour and wrapped myself in a blanket, which I haven't left since then. I treated myself with a chocolate pudding and enjoyed the stunning sunset which happened a few minutes ago. The clouds opened for a grand final of the sun for this weekend. It was so incredible to watch, the sky was burning. 

Since I have been too tired to go to the sauna, I will spend the rest of the evening drawing and read Othello for my Shakespeare class. Also, I would love to read some of the books waiting on my window sill. I hope, I will find some time soon. The weather forecast promises -19 degrees on Wednesday! Maybe there will be some last snow coming before Spring arrives. We will see, I will wrap myself in warm sweaters and wait for the cold to come! In the meanwhile I look at those snowy photos I took a few days ago. Have a lovely Sunday!