Sunday at the shore - And what is Ketunleipä?

Happy Sunday, folks! Did you enjoy the sun today? For Tiina and me it has been a quite calm Sunday. I went with two of my friends for a brunch in a really popular and nice vegetarian restaurant and enjoyed the time with these two. Afterwards, I went home and felt like sleeping but instead Tiina and I had a little walk to the shore sitting in the sun at the water listening to the waves. We were singing funny songs and drinking cacao. Now we came back home and napped for an hour, making tomato soup and watching Brave on television. A really relaxed Sunday afternoon. I think I will go to sleep soon since I am still lacking energy.

On my first walk in the forest with Tiina nine months ago, she presented this plant called Ketunleipä/Käenkaali to me. In German, it is called Waldsauerklee, in English Sorrel, the scientific name is 

Oxalis acetosella

. We were wandering through the woods, the ground covered in the green three pedalled like clover looking plant. It tastes like lemon and is such a perfect refreshing snack on a hike. Since then I have always snacked on it on my way among the trees. Ketunleipä can be translated as fox bread which sounds so very cute as I imagine foxes snacking it with their little mouths. 

In case someone did not know Ketunleipä yet, you should definitely give it a try next time to see it in the forest. Of course, as always, take care that you pick the right plant! But these are pretty obvious once you recognized them. I will rehear one of my songs with Tiina now because we upcycled One Time Dream and want to record it tomorrow at a friend's home studio! I am really excited because I am really bored of my version from a year ago and looking forward to our new version! So enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a good start to the week! Lots of love to you!