Strange life and soulmates

When I woke up this morning, it was snowing. So wonderful to see the streets covered in white again. And when I came home from university I lit some candles and enjoyed the darkness and the snowflakes outside of the window. Those days make me feel so calm and peaceful. Snow has something very meditative. 

Life is really strange sometimes, isn't it? I am wondering if I am the only one having those strange moments sometimes when I am sure that certain things are no coincidence. For example, did Tiina and I wonder if we are some kind of cosmic twins/soulmates, because we are so very similar that it's almost scary. We are always in the same situation with life, people and things we do. When we write to each other we are so often like "Oh my god, are you kidding me?!?! I did exactly the same!" And we get along with each other so very well because we always have the exact same problems in life, with love or ourselves. It is crazy, but it makes me happy. Maybe we are soulmates and were meant to meet and be together. Do you have such a thing yourself?

Now I am sitting here, ate too many muesli bars and look at a lace dress I've got second-hand today. I feel good and I am wondering if life will ever get less strange again. Love to you all!