Spring in Hamburg with Ingrid & Jürgen | w18 2018


Hej hej! It is Sunday again and today it also really feels like it! After being outside the entire day yesterday we are now just sitting in the kitchen at the open balcony door and enjoy a very slow afternoon with some cool drinks and the cats sleeping on the balcony chairs.

I left for the train on Wednesday evening right after my Swedish class to make my way to Hamburg to visit Ingrid and Jürgen for a week. The train ride was pretty relaxed and easy, and I've been really happy when I arrived in Hamburg when the sun was setting. Ingrid and Jürgen picked me up from the train station and we made our way to their place. Ingrid and I went to the city to stroll through the stores and be a bit productive in a cafe! I was looking for some nice ceramic bowls and plates for my shoots (and also because I LOVE pretty dishes, it makes cooking and serving so much more joyful) and I found these really beautiful ones.

ceramic dishes interior food photography

ceramic dishes interior food photography

I adore their rustic and simple look! I will work on a cooperation with an organic brand who saves food and I can't wait to use my new plate and bowl to shoot some recipes! I would looove some waffles now like we ate when we stopped for a break at the Nord Coast Coffee Roastery after walking through the city. I had a panini which was as good as the waffles!

Nord Coast Coffee Roastery Hamburg Waffles

Nord Coast Coffee Roastery Hamburg Waffles

Nord Coast Coffee Roastery Hamburg Waffles

Nord Coast Coffee Roastery Hamburg Waffles

Moreover, we went to the hairdresser to get Ingrid some bangs! I tried to convince her to get bangs for a very long time and now I finally succeed - and I love how it looks like! I am even thinking about getting myself bangs as well, even tho I know that they make me look younger and don't really suit me. But Ingrid looks so so pretty with the new hair and I can't stop looking at her! The night we came back from the city Ingrid couldn't wait to dye her hair since she wanted it to be a dark blonde, and so she stood in the bathroom at 1 am and colored her hair which turned out more of a grey than blonde in the end, ups.


Sigh, I love to have this one around! There is always something to laugh about, fooling around and making fun of ourselves. I feel so lighthearted with them! Sometimes I am wondering what others might think watching us goofy ones.Yesterday, we visited a flea market and met Miriam for a little shoot. I loved to stroll around the strands full of old and rustic stuff like white buckets and chairs, old teapots and vintage poster. In the end, I purchased a white enamel bowl for berry picking or baking buns in.


Afterwards, we went for some ice cream before we made our way to the park where I shot some floral photos of Miriam and we lay on the grass at the water for a while and enjoyed the good weather. It has been so hot and sunny the days I have been here which is quite unusual for cold and cloudy Hamburg.


After soaking up some sun and cooling our feet, we made our way to Peter Pane where we enjoyed vegan burgers and fries - yummy! They make such goooood burgers and we all have been so hungry after the trip.


The other day we also went to the cinema to watch "The Quiet Place" which is a horror movie and not what I usually watch. But since Ingrid is a big horror movie lover, I wanted to challenge myself and watch one in the cinema - and The Quiet Place looked so interesting so we bought Nachos on Friday night, got into our seats and watched the film. It was really good and intense because most of the film was quiet and so the loud and scary scenes became intensified. The movie itself wasn't so scary but the tension made it really frightening. The trailers they have shown before the actual film, on the other hand, have been quite horrifying I got traumatized while Ingrid jumped up and down in her seat because she wants to see them so badly!Before we went for the movie, we sat at the Alster for a while where I also shot a few photos of Ingrid and the beautiful blooming Lilac. Her hair looks so so enchanting in contrast to the lilac colors!


Now, there are two days left of my time in Hamburg and I am not looking forward to leaving these two weirdos. But there is a lot of work waiting for me at home - my monthly photoshoot for the natural care brand, a cooperation with a wonderful company that works against food waste, assignments and many more things that are piling on my To-Do List. I will miss the cats and them looking so cute laying on the sofa or occupying the kitchen chairs.


Have a wonderful Sunday evening and good start to the week! 

Love, Michelle