Spring feelings

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you all have sunny holidays! I spent this weekend very relaxed at Tiina's place to get out of my own four walls for a few days. She visited her family for Easter so I had her flat for myself, enjoyed a bath and the silence since there aren't so many people around here. Lately, I haven't been so active here because I am very busy with work for the university but also because my thoughts are somewhere else at the moment, at someone else to be more specific. I spend a lot of time with a wonderful soul at the moment and sometimes I just don't feel like writing here. I just want to enjoy the Spring feeling to its fullest. 

But I got my latest analogue film developed and the photos show a wonderful afternoon I spent with Loraina at the shore. We were lucky to see five squirrels running around some rocks and trees to get some nuts, and we were able to shoot some lovely photos of them. We also admired the snowdrops and crocuses which survived despite the still very cold temperatures here in the north.

Sometimes life is so excited you want to share it with the entire world, but sometimes I just want to hold onto that feeling and feel it in silence. Spring is a mixture of snow and sun here at the moment and so is my heart. Happy Easter, dear ones! I hope you are all fine!