Snowy laughter and cinnamon buns

On Saturday Tiina and I finally went on an adventure together again. After we both had a little down phase the first two weeks of this new year, we pulled each other out of that dark hole and made our way out to visit a few touristic points I haven't seen yet in Helsinki. First, we visited the Rock Church, called Temppeliaukio kirkko, which has been built inside of the rock as the name suggests. It was such a cosy place to stop by before we went to the organ sculpture. When we walked through a lovely little park, it started snowing and the trees and fields looked so beautiful. The frozen water was hiding underneath the fresh snow, what made it hard to walk properly without slipping. I slipped once but did not hurt myself, just laughed while I was laying on the frozen ground, hihi.

Pretty fairy Tiina in the snow.

The organ sculpture was pretty impressive and reminded me of Beauty and the Beast. After all the tourists have left we walked underneath the pipes and Tiina almost fit in one of those with her entire body. 

After our little excursion, we stopped by at the Cafe Regatta. I already heard so much about that place and Tiina told me they make the most delicious cinnamon buns, so we made a stop to enjoy some hot tea and warm our hands and feet. 

This beautiful red house in the white snow made me feel so happy. All the little bits and bobs hanging outside of the wooden walls and the fairy lights made this place something very special.

And yes, they sell the most delicious cinnamon buns. After having a bite of Tiina's I had to get myself one of those beauties. They have been so very tasty, cinnamony and cross, I can recommend trying those if you ever stop by at the Cafe Regatta. A lovely place to warm your feet.

A little video about our time together: