Snow is back

Good morning! The snow is back! After a quite good night sleep, I opened the curtains to see little snowflakes falling from the white sky and the streets and trees covered in a white blanket. I was wishing for some last snow before spring arrives and here it is. It is pretty cold today again so I will wrap myself in a warm jacket later when I'll make my way to university and enjoy the white winter wonderland. Before I will have some breakfast and think about my plans for this week. February is almost over and there are a few things which I really have to work on. 

I have to write an essay until the end of the month about the soundtrack of a movie of my choice. It is not that easy because there are a lot of movies with great film music. But I am looking for something extraordinary so I have something to analyze. Moreover, I should study for an exam which I postponed for so long now. It is about theatre studies, but I have so many others things on my mind, that I haven't had the time to study yet. 

Since it started snowing this night, I am thinking about going to Nuuksio on Friday to walk through the snowy woods and explore the Nationalpark in the white. I wanted to do so for months now, and I am afraid that this is the last snow of this season before spring starts. So I should better go now before I miss it. Have a wonderful start to the week! Has spring arrived at your place yet?