Slow mornings

Good morning! How are you doing? - I am sitting in bed with my bowl of porridge and enjoying the morning view out of the window. Pirre is sitting next to me and wants to be cuddled. This weekend I take care of Tiina's cats again and it feels like a vacation for me. I enjoy having the little fur balls around and to be out of my own four walls for a few days. 

I don't know about you, but for me, breakfast is the best meal of the day! Slow mornings are my favourite - enjoying a warm tea and porridge, thinking about the plans for the day, watching the world awakening. I guess I will go for a walk in the woods later and take some photos, and maybe later do a little bit of music and take a bath (Tiina has a bathtub, yay!) I hope you have a wonderful morning and a good day!