Sleepy days and adventures

Good morning, everyone! It feels like weekend already but it is only Friday. I have Fridays off so it is already weekend for me and after spending most of yesterday in bed, I want to spend most of today outside. Yesterday was a strange day, I can only remember it through a layer of sleepy fog. After I survived the snowstorm and got to my friend we enjoyed a vegan curry (which was really really good) and watched Captain Fantastic, a movie I can just recommend - a wonderful story with great music! I haven't slept much that night and when I've got home in the morning, I felt like sleepwalking. Also, my stomach was hurting very badly so I was just laying in bed before I had to go to uni for one class. When I came back later, I just went straight back to bed, where I had a nap for a couple of hours. But I know now why I don't like to sleep during the day. I woke up very scared, wondering where I was and what time it is. It felt like morning, but it was 7 pm. I just stayed in bed, spent time on the computer and went to sleep a little bit later. It was a night full of weird dreams. 

Now that I woke up to the sunshine, I feel much better. I want to go to Nuuksio today and Tiina will join me. The weather is so wonderful and I can't wait to see the national park covered in snow and glittering in the sunlight. 

Next week I will have a week off from uni and I feel like I want to use it for travelling around - Tampere, Porvoo, Nuuksio, Seurasaari. I want to be on my own, see places, meet people and enjoy life. I will spend the weekend planning the trips, I am so excited. Besides that, I have to finish some assignments for university. I wish you all a Happy Friday! I will pack my backpack now to head to Nuuksio!

I've already mentioned my friend's products here so very often already, but Delila gave me this salve when we saw each other the other day and I love it so much. My skin thanks her a lot - at the moment she refilled her online shop again with new products, so have a peek if you are interested in homemade, organic herbal salves and oils: