Sleepless nights


Wow, what a night. A short one, but still I feel pretty energized this morning. I woke up at 6 am to finish an essay I worked on the whole day yesterday. I have been way too late with this, so I had to write it all at once in one day. Believe me, I will never leave something to the last minute again, and I can only recommend you to start early with your assignments. Anyway, as if the stress of uni is not enough for the moment, I am also sick. I got a cold and my throat feels like I swallowed some sandpaper, while my head feels heavy like a bag of stones. The tissue consumption increased immensely the past 24 hours and actually I would prefer to spend the day in bed, but I have to go to Uni and also work on some other points on my to-do list. 

But anyway, I feel pretty good waking up so very early and I guess I will put my alarm on 6 am more often now. It is such an idyllic and motivating feeling to start the day when the world is still asleep and to watch the sunrise while eating breakfast and drinking tea. I love to start my day slow and relaxed. 

I wish everyone a Happy Lucia! Might the sun, the moon and the stars shine brightly for you today! I will lighten some candles, while I watch the sunrise and enjoy this new day!