Raw Vegan Chocolate-Berry Pie


For Tiina's birthday, I tried my first raw vegan pie yesterday. I didn't use any recipe but just did it by feeling. It turned out very well and the others at the party really liked it. So, I thought I might share the recipe with you!

The crust:

 - date paste ( oriental store)

- cinnamon powder

- cocoa powder

- seed mix

- oats

The cream:

- vegan cream cheese or creme fraiche 

- any kind of berries

- agave syrup


- dark chocolate


How to:

These raw vegan pies are really easy to make because you don't need to bake them and they usually just require a few ingredients. For this one, you simply just mix the date paste, oats, seeds and some cinnamon and cocoa powder first, until it is a smooth mass. You can add as much cocoa powder as you like and also the amount of seeds and cinnamon is variable. But make sure that the mixture is not too soft and sticky, but a kind of dough you can put on your cake tin later on.

For the cream, you blend the vegan cream cheese and as many berries as you like. I also added some agave syrup to make it a little bit sweeter. Instead of vegan cream cheese, you can also use vegan creme fraiche or do your own kind of cream out of cashews or tofu. You can find plenty of recipes on the internet. Unfortunately, I don't have a blender at the moment, so I had to buy some vegan cream cheese from the store.

At last, you spread the crust dough on your cake tin and give the cream on it. Sprinkle some nuts and chocolate rasps on it and leave it in the freezer for a while so it can harden a little. And voila, your raw vegan pie is ready! If you wanna enjoy it as some sort of ice cream-y pie eat it shortly after you've taken it out of the freezer. Otherwise, just let it defrost for a few minutes before you serve it! I hope you enjoy!