A new plate and thoughts on two months in Sweden

2019-06-28 11.25.21 1.jpg

Porridge with fresh berries

…is my favorite thing to eat for breakfast and a part of every morning. I add lots of cinnamon and a bit of agave sirup to it and serve it on a pretty plate. This one I got on a loppis (Swedish second hand market) in Vimmerby yesterday - I just adore these vintage ceramics.

Now, it’s been two months that I’m living in Småland - time runs by so fast. It feels like much longer and then again it feels like I just arrived yesterday. When I went to Vimmerby by bus yesterday and passed all that beautiful landscape Småland has to offer, the forests and cozy cottages, I couldn’t stop smiling, because for the first time I felt like I made the right decision to come here - despite all the heartache, all the confusion, loneliness and hard work - this is where I belong, the place that makes me happy in the long run, and which it is worth working for and being patient in times of frustration and sadness.

I am so happy I could experience Midsommar and explore the surroundings on my free days. Spending hot days at the lake or in the shadowy forests makes Summer really enjoyable. Work is hard and I am very exhausted after a whole long day at the campsite, but I’m always looking forward to my weekend where I can charge new energy and do whatever I like to do.

I need to remind myself that I am at the beginning of my journey. Some people grew up in Sweden and they are living the life I wish for, but I did not, I came here and started at zero - I’m building myself a life from scratch here in Sweden, and so I need to be patient and not pressure myself too much because I am not there yet. I am very lucky that I am able to live the life I do, that I could move here - I am grateful for that, so I should not forget to enjoy every single day I am allowed to live in Sweden. And I am happy if I could share a piece of it with you :)