Once Upon a Time


Hyvää huomenta! It is such a grey and dark morning on this 3rd of December. I am listening to

Light by Sleeping At Last

and make some porridge with cinnamon and lingonberry marmalade. Tea is waiting for me as well. Such a calm Saturday morning. While I am making breakfast I am thinking about my life exactly one year ago. That time was very special and thinking about it hurts a little. It is strange to look back to who I was and where I've been. And now - I am here and I am me. Things changed, things happened. And it seems ages ago, that I left for a short trip to Romania. It seems like it has never really happened and has only been in my mind. 

But I don't wanna look back anymore and float in memories. I want to look forward and accept that life goes on and that I have to live in the now. There is so much going on in the present, I should not waste my time in past moments. They won't come back, I cannot travel in time. I should let them go and move on. And that's what I will do - I will enjoy my breakfast now and then walk to the city to look for some Christmas cards to send to my beloved ones. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Do you live in the past sometimes as well?