November Nights


Oh beautiful November

The days are getting shorter, the night arrives early these days. Today, it has snowed for the first time here in my hometown and it felt so cozy sitting in the candlelight watching the snow on the window quickly turning into rain. I'm missing the snow in the mountains but I am also enjoying the grey days here - they are made for a slow and cozy time in bed. I cannot believe that it is December in a couple of days, and the Christmas time will start soon. I always try to enjoy it to its fullest because it should be the month of rest, peace and coziness, but then again I know that it will be gone so very quickly which makes me feel restless instead - and also, the new year is coming closer which makes me excited but also nervous as it always does.

The other day I've finally got the lens I wanted to get for a while now - a 28-300mm zoom lens. I was waiting for the right offer to appear and the other night I found one for a reasonable price. Now, I'm waiting for the postman every day to bring me the package! I cannot wait for it to arrive and to try it out - and hopefully, I will be able to shoot the moon finally!

I'm still recovering from the flu, but I felt so much more active today than the past couple of days so I wrapped the mittens from my shop which someone ordered last night and got them ready to send away tomorrow. I'm so happy they will soon have a new home and warm someone's hands this Winter! For now, I will make some soup, another cup of tea and spend the rest of the evening in bed watching some series. I hope you'll have a cozy night too!

with love,