Nightmares and late mornings

Oh, what a night! I went to bed pretty late last night, motivated to do so many things the next morning. Do you know that feeling when you get super motivated when you actually should go to bed and get your sleep? Every night I feel the urge to get creative and productive when it is already too late and I force myself to go to bed. When I was laying in bed then, ready to sleep, the fire alarm went on. "They are kidding. It's 2 am!", was what crossed my mind. I was getting up, standing there in my night t-shirt, with glasses, messy hair and a sleepy face, thinking about what to do. I could hear people walking down the stairs, so I've put on my jeans, took my keys and went out as well. There were drunken people running around in the hallway and bothered me and the others. I tried not to freak out because I was sure one of those caused the alarm, and there wasn't any fire at all. Anyway, we were standing there for about half an hour, before the alarm went off and we could go back to our rooms. These minutes between all those people at that time made me feel very anxious. I know it might sound overreacted, but this was really out of my comfort zone and I tried to control my anxiety and nervousness about the situation. When I was back in my flat my heart was beating so fast and my mind was out of control. It took one more hour before I fell asleep and then I've got haunted by a nightmare as well. When I woke up pretty late this morning I still felt anxious and confused especially after that uncomfortable dream. But now I made some breakfast and I will concentrate on all the things I wanted to do. The motivation is back, and last night is forgotten! Have a good start into the weekend everyone, and please let me know if there is anyone who can feel me and has similar feelings in such situations! Love to you!