New Years Resolutions


Every year around Christmas and new years eve I take this little notebook of mine and read the New Years Resolutions I made for this year and if I reached some of my goals I've set.


- feeling more comfortable in my own body- writing more letters- being more consistent with projects-reading more books again- enjoying the moments-a healthier lifestyle-trying more recipes-improving my knitting skills- starting to write creatively again-spending my time with productive activitiesWell, I have to admit that I have been quite successful this year and that is the first time I really worked on each of those points. I also have to admit that I haven't reached every single goal I set, but at least I tried (for a certain time).At the end of this year, I can say I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin. This has a few reasons, but the most important one is that I learned a lot about myself the past 365 days and there walked a few souls into my life who changed my view and mind.Moreover, I filled my free time with a lot of productive things this year. I started medieval knitting, stitching, writing songs and poems, working on my blog, taking photos in the woods, spending time in nature, making music, writing letters. I enjoy every single moment which is given to me on this planet and I am very happy that I got on this conscious path. Unfortunately, I am still a person who likes to jump from one project to the next. Often I tend to not finishing one thing but starting a new. But actually, I realized this year that this has not to be a bad thing. The important things I do finish but with the others, I feel free. If I want to try something new I just give in and do it!With becoming vegan I automatically began to try new recipes and changing my way of eating. I explored some different diets and foods.And when I haven't been in the kitchen or in the woods, writing a new song or craft, I read. I bought a lot of new books the past couple of months and there are still so many books on my to-read list. But I have all the time in the world and I am happy I reached my goal of 25 books in 2015.So, I am very passionate about new years resolutions. They give me a feeling of pursuing an aim and having a plan.


- learning Finnish- being more confident in what I am doing- doing more music/writing new songs- learning more about the vegan lifestyle- starting contemporary dance/modern ballet- doing more spontaneous trips- learning playing violin-starting a nature journal again- improving my garden skills- learning more about herbs and their use

I would love to know your new year's resolutions and if you reached all your goals for this year!Michelle