New Year at the Countryside - The Arrival


It is one week ago that I spent my time at the most beautiful place I have ever seen. A few months ago my friend Tommo invited me over for New Year's Eve to his parent's farmstead in Ilomantsi. Back then I was so very excited to go there that I couldn't wait. But then Christmas arrived and I turned into a depressive and melancholic wreck because I spent it away from home, all on my own and felt pretty lonely. Actually, that was a good reason to go there, but instead, I cancelled and wanted to stay at home alone on my birthday and nye. Fortunately, I have the best friends, who tell me when I am about to do a big mistake and so Tiina and my mom convinced me to get out of my dark hole and go to Ilomantsi. Dearest Tommo also asked me again, even after I cancelled and so I decided to go there after all, even if I had to drive for 8 hours with four strangers and a dog in one car (which made me feel pretty anxious). So, I packed my stuff and was ready to leave Helsinki for an adventure. 

On the 29th of December, I made my way to a petrol station where the friends of Tommo were supposed to pick me up. When they arrived and I got into the car, the first thing I thought was that I wouldn't make it. I sat in the middle of the back seats, between two strangers, a dog on our lap and I couldn't move my feet. I was sitting there, trying not to panic, because that was the position I had to be for 8 hours now. I felt like I've made the biggest mistake. But after an hour, we changed positions and I was allowed to sit at the window with much more room for my feet and I starred out to watch the landscape passing me. And the further we got up north the more I enjoyed this trip. The four strangers became less strange pretty quickly, the car became a cosy adventure-mobile and the landscape outside was so beautiful that I could hardly stay grumpy. 

After a few hours, we made a little break at a beautiful sea. Unfortunately, it was very grey and cloudy on that day, so everything seemed a little tristful. But from there our destination wasn't far away anymore. The moment we turned to the right, as Tommo instructed us, and drove on the hill, we all got a little crazy and screamed "On the hill! On the hill!", so excited to finally arrive.

And when we arrived, our eyes became wide of admiration. 

Puustilan maisematila

made our tired heads feeling dizzy because of its beauty. We came into the house and a big wooden table with food was waiting for us. A big Christmas tree was lightening the room and Tommo's parents welcomed us with a warm hug. I was so happy to arrive and so excited about the coming days, that I was way too overwhelmed to think clearly. Tommo showed me my own room and did a little tour through the house before we all came together to have dinner. 

The first night ended not very spectacular because we all have been pretty exhausted after such a long drive. But when I was laying in my bed in this beautiful house I couldn't believe that I really was in the Finnish countryside. My heart was jumping for excitement! The next day was my birthday and I couldn't wait what adventures it would bring!