New Year at the Countryside - My Birthday

The second day we stayed at the cottage of my friend's parents, I woke up to the light coming through my window. I got up and watched the grey clouds outside and the forests in the far. It was so quiet. 

I heard some noises downstairs, and after I've read some morning birthday wishes I went down into the living room to see who was already up. Tommo greeted me with a hug and Happy Birthday while he was preparing the breakfast for us. He and his father made some porridge and the table was already filled with homemade treats. I was sitting on the fur, watching outside, feeling a little bit sentimental while the others were busy in the kitchen. It was a weird feeling being "alone" on my birthday, not with my family, how I was used to. Although this was the most magical place you could spend your birthday, the melancholia didn't want to leave me alone. We enjoyed the breakfast and were planning what we wanted to do first on that day. I went upstairs to have a quick talk with my brother who wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday as well and it cheered me up a little. I really felt bad for being such a grumpy cat that morning, so when the others went inside to prepare lunch after a short walk outside, I continued and walked a little further into the woods.

The forest looked magical. Every tree was covered in snow, I was sinking deep into the white walking on the snowy paths. I saw a few footsteps of deers when I turned to the right and stepped from the main road into the woods. Everything was silent. I have missed that quietness so very much. I stood there for a while, watched the treetops and the foggy tall trees, one next to each other. What is it about trees, that they are such a good company? While I was wandering around, enchanted by the view of the white fields, my eyes fell on the cottage laying there as a red dot in the white nothing, the windows filled with warm light. What a wonderful place! I went back and saw the others running around in the kitchen, while I was watching them from the outside. When I came in, they presented a traditional Iranian meal with kale and rice, which tasted delicious and reminded me of our Christmas dinner at home. 

After lunch, we all went to our rooms for a quick rest. I used the time to see my parents, talking a little and unwrapping some gifts they sent to me. 

The next point on our adventure list was sleigh riding. Tommo gathered six sleighs and we stumped through the deep snow to one of the fields with a steady slope. And there the fun began. For me, it was even more fun to watch the others sleighing down the hill, but I also enjoyed the ride downwards. Tommo and I went on a sleigh together twice and the second time we performed a pretty impressive stunt, haha. The sleigh was way too fast and way too small for both of us to fit, and when we arrived at the foot of the hill we got stuck in the snow and Tommo flew over me in a high arc and landed a few meters further in the snow, his beard covered in snow when he got up laughing. I just cowered and threw myself into the snow laying there for a minute while Tommo was laughing his ass off. After the quick shock, I started laughing as well and we gathered the sleigh and made our way up the hill again. 

I started to build a snowwoman, rolling a big snowball around in circles when the others decided to go inside again. It broke my heart not to finish my snowwoman but Tommo convinced me to come with them and finish it the next day. Sadly I never finished it, and so my snowwoman remained topless. Poor one!

We ended the day with "Birthday Sauna", as Tommo liked to call it. The little house in the snow looked so cute and the warmth did so well after the sleigh riding in the cold. It was the perfect end to such a lovely birthday. My mood had changed and I was glad to have such lovely people around me on my day. When I've put my nightgown on and was sitting on my bed, I heard Tommo calling. I've put a jacket on and went outside. And there they were. In blue and green shades, the northern lights were visible on the horizon. Just a shade and not very spectacular, but as I stood there in the middle of the night, just a jacket over my night-gown, watching the sky, I had to smile and I remembered I was happy. It was a day to remember.

Thank you to everyone who sent me Birthday Wishes. Every single one made me so very happy that day! I am the luckiest girl to be allowed to have so many souls who wish me the best. Thank you so much! Kiitos <3