My new blog & first Spring blooming | w14 2018


Hej, everyone! I am so excited!! I am smiling so much while I'm writing this! You might have already noticed that my blog design changed and that I am writing in English again! The past couple of days I spent with switching from my former blog platform to a new one, setting up a new design and adjusting everything so I am happy with my blog again and am ready to post many many stories and adventures in the future. I've never been really satisfied with how my blog looked like since I did it all on my own and haven't been able to turn my wishes and ideas of how it should look like into reality because I was lacking the skills. But now I changed to a better platform with more possibilities and so I am finally able to create a place whose appearance I am happy with and where many new stories can find their home : ) I am so looking forward to change the header with the seasons, changing from Spring blossoms to snowy landscapes. 

I also did a little poll to get to know which language you prefer my blog to be and as I already guessed, most of you like it better if I write in English, which is absolutely understandable since the translator did a horrible job with translating German. When I switched to German a few months ago, I knew that this would make some trouble and maybe some wouldn't like to read my posts anymore, but I had to try it out and see if it works better for me. But during the past weeks, I felt more and more uncomfortable with writing in German. It felt very unusual and strange, and I also felt like excluding people - and that's what I want the least! I want to share my thoughts with as many of you as possible so of course, I wanna write in the language that everyone feels good with. And to be honest, I feel so much better with writing in English, maybe because it is so very present in my daily life and I feel so at home writing and speaking English. Even though I am lacking some words sometimes, but that shouldn't bother me any longer! For those who liked to read my posts in German or who use my blog to learn the language, I will add a little paragraph in German at the end of each text from now on! I hope this way everyone can enjoy my posts again and everybody will be happy, hihi.

So here we are, my new blog and I! I am so excited how you like it and if you are happy with the changes as well! If you don't wanna miss a post you can also follow on Facebook or Bloglovin' if you like!  For now, I wanna start with a week in pictures of these first days of April!

The week started with the Easter holiday, which I spent with my family not chasing the Easter bunny but having dinner together, enjoying Easter eggs the traditional way. It has been such a calm and peaceful Easter, which we finished with chasing away the evil spirits and welcoming Spring at the Easter bonfire at a farm near my home. I don't know what it is about fire but it fascinates me so much, I love to just stare at the flames for hours and watch the light flickering in the sky. The sparks flying in the deep blue night sky is such a magical thing! Its warmth wrapping around you, keeping you safe so that you almost forget what dangerous and lethal element of nature it is. I like to think that we scare away the dark spirits with the fire, cleaning our souls from Winter's darkness and welcome Spring and its lighter days. From the ashes, new life will spring! It is such a soothing feeling. 

The first really warm days happened. Two weeks ago we were still freezing in 4 degrees and half of the country was covered in snow, and now we hit the 25 degrees yesterday! It is so refreshing to open the window in the morning and listening to the birds while the fresh morning air comes in. It felt so great to walk to work without a winter jacket but only a cardigan! I totally underestimated the heat and dressed way to warm with my Winter leggings and boots and felt like boiling my feet at the end of the day. But I gave them some fresh air when I went for a walk with Balu in the fields and enjoyed my first barefoot walk of the year through the grass while the sun was still up high. My body always gets a bit confused as soon as Spring arrives, because of the transformation from long dark nights to long bright days I am sometimes confused whether I should be tired or still awake, thinking it's still noon even tho it is already late in the evening. I experienced the midnight sun only once, back when I visited some friends of mine in the wilderness of Northern Canada, and I remember that it felt very strange to see the sun 24/7 and whenever you open up your eyes at night it was light! But with the longer days and more sun and light, also my motivation and energy come back! I really recognize how bright my mood gets when I smell the scent of summer when I open the window in the morning, to eat fresh fruits and to feel the warmth on my skin. I love Winter and I also just enjoy the warmer temperatures below 20 degrees, but Winter also has that melancholic taste. I still feel love and happiness when it is dark and cold, but always with a pinch of melancholy, which is beautiful for a few months but at some point, we all need some new energy and delighted feeling inside our chests, which comes with Spring!

I couldn't stop smiling while I was walking through the fields in the evening sun, and Balu probably thought I was the weirdest human being, taking a trillion of photos, making him wait until I am done. But he enjoyed sniffing for mouse holes in the ground and strolling through the grass while I was taking photos of him and my sandals. I just wanted to take a photo of my star constellation tattoo on my foot which I stuck myself last autumn when I visited Tiina in Helsinki. I never showed the result of our little Do It Yourself tattoo session. You might now the lines on my thumb (I have the same on my big toes) but I never took a photo of the star constellation. It is the Ursa Minor (little bear) constellation whose brightest star is the Polaris, the polar star. The tattoo stands for my love to the North and my happy times there, my dream to move back and to remind myself that happiness does exist, even when you are drowning in the dark and cannot believe in the good. 

Besides enjoying the first warm days in the fields, I also shot the first Spring blossoms which are just so SO very beautiful. White-rosy blossoms are the most beautiful creatures of Spring! The trees started to bloom as well and soon all the buds will turn into leaves and fill the trees to spend shadow in the warm Summer heat. I met a new friend for some cacao and kanebullar this Thursday and spent some hours talking about life, dreams and our hilarious neighbourhood. One night I've dreamt that I sang with Hugh Jackman and woke up to realize that this would probably never happen, haha, but it has been a fun night anyway. Also, I got almost every book from the library Astrid Lingren ever wrote - I'm kidding, but on my desk sits a big pile of her books now and I am excited to read all of them and dive deeper into her world. What's better than reading about Bullerby, Pippi and Emil's adventures in Lönneberga at the open window while the fresh Spring air comes in? 

I hope you had a great week and might have enjoyed some first signs of Spring as well! How is the weather at your place?

Lots of love to you,Michelle


Ohhhh, ich bin so aufgeregt, wie ihr den neuen Blog findet! Ich habe solange daran herumgebastelt und bin jetzt sehr zufrieden, wie er ausschaut. Mal sehen, wie lange es anhält, bevor ich wieder Veränderung brauche. Ich bin so sprunghaft und habe immer neue Ideen! Ich hoffe außerdem, dass es ihr nicht allzu traurig seid, dass ich nun wieder hauptsächlich in Englisch schreibe! Es fühlte sich einfach nicht richtig an nur auf Deutsch zu schreiben. Ich möchte einfach niemanden ausschließen und auch für mich selbst, fühlt sich Englisch irgendwie besser an. Diese Woche war ich bei einem Osterfeuer, um die bösen Geister zu verjagen und den Frühling willkommen zu heißen, habe die ersten Frühlingssonnenstrahlen genossen, bin barfuß mit Balu durch die Felder gelaufen und habe die ersten blühenden Blumen fotografiert. Außerdem habe ich eine liebe Seele zum Kakaotrinken getroffen, Astrid Lindgren Bücher aus der Bücherei ausgeliehen, von einem Duet mit Hugh Jackman geträumt und den Rest der Zeit gearbeitet. Der Frühling bringt neue Energie und gute Laune!