Memories of past summers

For some reason, I am very melancholic and nostalgic today. It might be the grey and rainy weather which makes me wallow in memories. The past couple of days I was thinking back to when I was younger, a teenage girl, maybe around sixteen years old. I've spent a lot of summers at my aunt's place, to flee from my home and all my teenage problems. How much I enjoyed the stay at their cosy place! They have some kind of rustical house in a small village in the northern part of Germany and even the two-hour train ride there made me feel adventurous and happy. I've gone there for a few days or sometimes even weeks, mostly in summer so we could spend a lot of time outside. Oh how much I miss it!! Eating ice in the garden (we always blend frozen tropical fruits, which made the most delicious ice cream!), bike rides in the sun, long nights with deep talks and lots of nonsense. My aunt took me on her runs and because I was a lazy noodle at that time, we had to walk fast instead of run, and after 10 km I was a dead fish, but I felt so free. My cousin and I spent hours on the sofa watching movies, reading girly magazines at night in bed and playing Truth or Dare. I cycled through the little village to visit my aunt at work, stopped at the gelateria to get some ice cream to go and imagined flying with the summer wind in my hair. I also remember how my cousin Anna and I created a little dance performance for our parents when we were much younger, how hilarious! Oh, those summers! 

 I miss this lightness, my relatives and our time together. I promised myself not to live so much in the past anymore and I stuck to it very well. But sometimes I just fall back and think about these happy times. Sometimes it makes me really sad because I know that it will never be like that again. I know it is okay, it is the way of life, we go on, life brings new adventures. But as a very sensitive and melancholic person, it is very hard for me to let go, especially when it's about happy moments. I am the luckiest person that I had these great people on my side when I was a desperate teenager, and that I spent these summers full of fun and laughter. I will keep them close, and sometimes close my eyes to go back for a moment. We grow up, time moves on, life is not waiting so enjoy every second you are given - hug the person you love! I send you lots of love, have a wonderful day!