Living in the northern part of the world


I am living in the northern part of the world for almost three months now. I have to admit I haven't lived in the "real" south before (coming from Germany), but still, it feels like I finally arrived in the Great North, like I've always dreamt about it. My journey began in late autumn with a free mind and a heart ready for a new beginning and great adventures. The excitement made me feel dizzy, but at the same time, I couldn't wait to meet new people, see new places, breathe in the smell of a new part of the world. 

And I breathed a lot of wonderful smells. The scent of fresh mountain air in the autumn sun, the prickling smell of the first snow on a winter morning, the warm tea after a long walk in the woods, the smell of popcorn, porridge or my blanket after an exhausting day full of laughter and the scent of so many more adventures.

I live. I finally live again, after sleepwalking for quite a long time. And after finally waking up, 

I feel well-rested to conquer the world. Or at least, the northern part of it. Oh Great, Great North, you became a home to me.

My new song Great, Great North dedicated to every single soul and place that showed me happiness again: