Let your feelings flow

Oh, this feeling of a rock resting on your chest, taking your breath, leaving you unsteady, pressing you deeper and deeper into the darkness, heavy and indestructible.

For such a long time I was living with this constant feeling of weight on my chest, on my lungs, on my soul and my heart. Step by step it took my breath and it made everything so much heavier in life.

I am sure I am not the only one, who has this struggle with talking about emotions, with saying what's on your mind. For years I have been struggling. It was hard for me to express what has been on my mind and what I've felt because I was in a process of finding myself and I was working on dealing with people, as weird as it may sound to you. When you are constantly insecure about your own person and about what people think of you or might think of your thoughts and feelings, it is hard to really open up to anyone.

But somehow I managed to develop myself the past years. At some point, this rock became way too heavy for me to carry it any longer, so... I just raised it and threw it away. I realized that it makes things much easier when you talk about them. Several relationships taught me that it is important to talk about feelings and opinions and that it is unhealthy to swallow all your sorrow because sooner or later you will choke on it.

Since then I talk about my feelings a lot and although this isn't always a nice feeling and it can be very uncomfortable and awkward sometimes, it makes me feel light. It helps me to let things go. And it solves problems, it really does.

Sometimes I even wish for small bubbles which are flying above people's heads with all their thoughts, so I would be able to know what they really think.

Do not hide your feelings away. Say out loud what you have on your mind and never feel ashamed or too shy to do so!