In the end, everything will be fine


Today I've learned that I somehow always find my way out of the misery. 

This morning I woke up to an email which informed me about a missed deadline of which I actually didn't know. The thing it was about was very important for me, so I freaked out and cried. But shortly after this moment of panic and anxiety, I went out of bed, got dressed and went to the office which was responsible for the subject (without breakfast, what didn't help my mood, but I was in such a hurry). I waited. Waiting is such a torture. I hate waiting. But when I went into the office I explained things and the dear woman I talked to helped me out.

The stressful morning continued because I had to head home quickly to get some papers and then go back to university, had to send a billion of emails, and I still haven't eaten anything. But when I got the papers done, it was fine. Things were saved. 

After this hectic and nerve-wracking morning, I came home and Mona came over to continue knitting. She showed me the techniques for knitting the lower half of the socks. She left me alone later and I went on on my own while I was waiting for dinner to be ready. (It smells so good with the potatoes in the oven, mhh). But because Mona told me so many new things all at once I couldn't remember them all and I made a mistake but continued knitting without noticing it. After a few rows, I realized that something is wrong and that I made a mistake and for a second I panicked again because I thought that I could not go back so far because I already knitted a lot. But I tried and it worked out, so then I could continue the right way. 

After a while, I got bored and went to the computer to write this blog post but I realized that the colour of the text was white and not readable any longer and I had no clue why. Probably I changed something by accident yesterday while I was working on the design of my blog. Again. Like always, 'cause I like change. I had no idea how to undo this mistake and searched for some tips on the internet. But I didn't find anything helpful and was sitting in front of my computer clueless what to do and how to get my texts back. But then I just typed in some codes in the responsible sections on my blog in jest, and guess what: it worked. The texts were visible again. 

Okay, what do I want to tell you with this boring stories? - It will turn out in the end. Everything will be fine. I manage it. Somehow I always find a way out of the misery. It's not that I am always the one who panics and gets anxiety as soon as there appears a problem. No, actually I manage all the things pretty well and I stay calm, but today it was such an important subject (you will get to know more soon) that I really freaked out. But now, sitting in my bed with dinner, I realize that I always managed to find a solution for difficult situations so far. I somehow always find a way to get around the heavy rocks which fall on my paths. So I have to believe that I always find a way. And in the end, everything will be fine. And same applies to you.  I hope you are fine!