I won!!!

Hello everyone and good evening! I hope you are all fine! This should be just a quick hello and absolutely hyperactive (jumping up and down) update. I have been very very sick the past couple of days and were just laying in bed, sleeping, drinking vitamin water in between, watching the sunsets from my pillow while I was wasting the sunny days inside feeling terrible. But this night cheered me up completely. If you don't know yet,

Jonna Jinton

is one of my favourite human beings and a big role model to me. I adore her work and her way of living and she gives me so much inspiration and motivation to work on my dreams every single day. So when I've heard that she is doing a web-seminar kind of thing about her photo editing in cooperation with Adobe I was super excited to join that free live session and spent this evening watching her editing some of her photos and explaining the process a little. We were allowed to ask her questions and as a bonus, she was allowed to pick a winner for a one-year free Adobe Creative Cloud package among those. I was wondering about one thing that was troubling me for a while now and so I wanted to hear Jonna's thoughts about it. I wrote:

"I am a passionate photographer and sometimes I look through the lens too often. Do you catch yourself sometimes living through the lens as well instead of experiencing the magic of life in real? And how do you find a good balance?"

Her thoughts about it really surprised me because she brought up a perspective I haven't seen this from yet. She said that she struggles with that as well, but although she sometimes wishes to put down the camera more often to live in the moment and not through the lens, she also thinks that it makes her more conscious and aware of the moment and she is more "in" the moment because of her desire to take a nice photograph. This is something I've never considered before but I think is absolutely true, at least for me. 

A few minutes later, it was time to choose a winner and Jonna was scrolling through the billion of comments. I was just sitting in my bed, which I haven't left for the entire day, whispering to myself "Please, say my name! Please, say my name!" Finally, she was saying "I guess I will choose the question which I really liked. It was by... Michelle". Insert some really loud screaming of happiness here. I couldn't believe my ears. I was so so happy that she chose me! It cheered me up so much after such terrible days of sickness! Not only that I've won, SHE chose me! That really meant a lot to me! 

I always wanted to have Lightroom and Photoshop and all the other special, expensive tools to improve my photography, but I could never afford it. And now, this happened! I am a really happy nut at the moment! I can't stop smiling! I rarely win anything, so this must have been destiny! I just wanted to share this story with you and my happiness! Sleep tight everyone and I wish the best of luck to every one of you. Looove!