I am erratic


Especially the past two years I recognized that I tend to have too many ideas and projects on my mind. I want to do a lot of new things, want to try this and that, I am constantly busy with planning projects. Maybe it 's because I am curious and I love to make new experiences. I love to find new facets of myself and challenge myself. But very often people tell me that I should better focus on one thing and finish that one, put all effort into this one project. 

Hm, perhaps they are right. Maybe it would make more sense to concentrate on only one single thing, so it turns out the best. But I don't feel like it. It bores me to stay with only one idea because I am full of ideas and love for life and all it hides. What if I get stuck in this little corner of life when I only do a single thing? What if I miss a talent that hides deep inside me if I only do what I can do best? What if knitting makes more fun than painting, or reading, or singing or baking cookies in the middle of the night? 

I don't want to stay with only one thing! And I finally accepted that that's okay, whatever other people think about it. I learnt a lot about myself in the past years, I realized there are a lot of things in life I am fascinated by and probably I would have never been so happy with the painting and make music if I haven't had the idea of buying a ukulele or guitar, an expensive watercolour palette or pens. 

Do whatever you feel like, 'cause it will show you a different aspect of life and yourself! I am sure I will never give up all the ideas in my head because there is way too much to still learn and try and experience! Take every chance to try something new, you never know where it will lead you! 

I will soon film a music video in the forest for some musicians. I would have never got this opportunity if I haven't started my photography, blog and all the things people smile about when I tell them. Maybe sometimes I wouldn't be that stressed out about all the things I still want to do and about getting everything organized, but life would be less exciting and interesting.

So, I will continue having way too many ideas in my mind and getting inspired by wonderful people doing wonderful things I wanna try out as well someday in my life! 


Ar you as erratic as I am? Or do you like to concentrate on one thing in life?