Hyvää Joulua!


Hyvää Joulua! Today is grey and rainy, and outside a storm is raging. Actually, I wanted to spend the morning in the woods, having a long and relaxing walk in the Finnish nature. Instead, I stayed inside and played the piano. At noon, I went to the cemetery to watch the veteran march where one of my friends was participating. It was wet and cold and so stormy that it was hard walking straight. But the view on the stormy sea and the ice, the lanterns and candles on the graves and the warm talks with Joel and his friends made it so much better. It was nice to have someone around before I got back home to the cats. To warm myself up, I took a long bath with candles, cookies, some hot Glöki and a Christmas movie. I planned to do a special vegan Christmas dinner, but now I am so sleepy and relaxed that I will have just a tomato soup. Soups are so good at this time of the year! I will cook the vegan dinner tomorrow, and maybe one of my friends will join me, so I don't have to enjoy it on my own. Later on, I will skype with my family, we will unwrap presents while spending the evening together at least virtually. 

This Christmas is lonely, one might say. But I think, this Christmas is just different. There are so many people out there who do not have anyone, who are alone and lonely. But I am lucky. I am lucky to have a cat sitting next to me which desperately wants to be cuddled. I am lucky to have friends who send me a merry Christmas, a family who sends me a Christmas package with lots of presents. I am lucky to be alive and to feel love. And I think that what Christmas is about.

Have yourself a very merry Christmas! May your day be filled with love!