Hello Spring, nice to have you here!

Oh, what a wonderful sunny morning! Happy Sunday, everyone - I hope you had a lovely morning full of sunshine as well! After days of rain, then snow, then rain again, and lots of grey clouds, I woke up to the sunbeams shining through my curtains this morning. Sun makes me so happy and while I was walking at the shore I could spot the first green heads already, trying to make their way through the snow. 

It seems like Spring is on its way to Finland as well now and it makes me really excited. When I think back to last year's Spring with all its snowdrops and crocuses and all the green everywhere and that certain spring-ish smell, I start to envy everyone in Germany who can enjoy those fresh flowers and colourful nature right now.

I love to walk on the shore 'cause the trees are full of little birds hopping from one branch to another. Sometimes I just stand under those trees for a while watching them flying around and chirping in the sunlight. This time I didn't see any squirrels although they usually run around the birdseed hangers. 

Sigh, this walk was so refreshing and the little green dots on the ground made me feel energetic and happy! When I was about to head home I heard some cracking sounds from the frozen sea and I stood at the shoreline for a while listening to the sound of the ice. It was so idyllic. I am excited about the Finnish spring! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Lots of love to you!