Hello again!

Hello, lovely souls! How are you doing? Has Spring arrived at your place already? Today the sun came out for a few hours but the last couple of days have been grey and foggy. But I didn't care that much because I spent most of last week in bed with a terrible flu. That's why I have been pretty inactive here and also had no energy to go on new adventures. My body needed a lot of rest and still, I am not fully okay yet. But soon when Spring finally brings its warmth and sunny days, I am ready to visit new places and go to the forest again. 

The first adventure will be Loraina, a sweet soul from Germany, coming over to my place for a few days. She will arrive on Friday and we are going to visit Nuuksio and Seurasaari (the little island full of squirrels) and hopefully have a wonderful time together. I am a little nervous but I am sure it will be very exciting!

If you saw my previous posts you might have read that I won a twelve months subscription for Lightroom and Photoshop because of sweet Jonna Jinton! Today I finally installed Adobe on my computer and started to try out Lightroom. You have no idea, how excited I still am to try out all its functions and to experiment with my photos. This one above is from my trip to Porvoo and I still remember the magical light coming through the trees while I was walking up the hill.

Have a lovely Tuesday evening! I hope I can share more stories again now that I am almost fit again! Lots of love to you!