Happy Sunday

current favourite food: bagels with hummus

slips today: 1

Hej, everyone! Happy Sunday! I am currently cooking some noodles because I ran out of bagels. Bagels with hummus are what my diet consists of lately, it is just too good. I've spent the day with rewatching Captain Fantastic, which I've chosen for my essay about film music. It is a nice way to spend a Sunday. Earlier I went for a little walk to the shore in the snow, took some analogue photos and watched a squirrel stealing the seeds from the birds. A very calming morning!

Oh, Nuuksio was such a magical place, I can't get over it! Soon I will share more photos here, but today I just did not feel like it except those few and a little video about the magical time we had (which you can watch down below). I love how Tiina captured me doing what I love the most - looking through a lens, catching the world's beauty. Soon I have so much more time to explore and travel, and I can't wait to go places and see the world (let's start with Finland)! I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Love to you!