Glad Midsommar - Midsummer in Småland

2019-06-20 02.43.33 4.jpg

The longest days of the year

Oh, what a wonderful sunny and colorful weekend it has been! Luckily, I’ve been off work last Thursday and Friday so I could spend all day walking around picking all kind of flowers to create a flower wreath out of wildflowers. On last Friday, I went to a small Midsommarfirande in the local village where they served the traditional jordgubbstårta (strawberry cake) and danced around the maypole while they where playing folk tunes. I enjoyed my little bike ride through the forest and the small town with all its cottages, and when I arrived shortly before the event started there were not many people there yet. But as soon as it got time, people came from all direction to gather around the maypole, put up there picnic blankets and get ready to dance and celebrate. It warmed my heart to watch how happy they all have been on that beautiful sunny Friday! It was a very wonderful first Midsummer in Sweden, and I am already dreaming about next year when I will hopefully be able to bake my own strawberry cake, spend time with my friends binding flower crowns and share those magical nights with them.

It is a bit crazy that the first half of the year has already passed by and from now on the days will get shorter again until Autumn and Winter arrive, my favorite seasons. Times goes by so fast! I’m excited what the next six months of this year will bring. The first have been a big journey so far!

with love,