Frozen Happiness


Happy Advent, everyone! What a wonderful and magical day. I am bursting because of happiness today! 

I woke up to a frozen winter wonderland, watched some birds and a squirrel playing hide and seek in the garden of my friend and enjoyed warm porridge and tea while we were watching the winter clouds moving. This Sunday was extraordinary beautiful because every leaf and every tree has been covered in white frost, and when I went back home from my friend I saw landscapes wrapped in this white happiness, the fog was welcoming the twilight while the horizon was burning in orange and yellow colours. I have already seen a lot of beautiful nature sceneries here, but this was the most beautiful so far. Hopefully, snow will fall soon, now that it is so cold again. 

Now I am warming my cold feet and I enjoying some tea, sweet Anna gave me yesterday as a gift. I met Marco and Anna from Tampere again yesterday afternoon and we sat together and drank hot chocolate. It is so lovely to see them once in a while and talk about so many things. Hopefully, I can visit them soon!

Here are some photos from my last trip to the woods a few days ago! How magical this world can be:

 A little video about my time in the woods and some exciting news!!