Four days in Hamburg - Ahoi, Captain!

Last week I travelled to Hamburg to visit Majbritt. Some of you might remember our adventures together a few weeks ago when she came to Finland to explore the woods with me. This time I made my way to her place and she showed me Hamburg and all its different facets. And since I am usually taking photos of nature and the forests, I thought showing you my impressions of this city might be more magical in black and white. It perfectly represents the spirit of the seaport.

The day I arrived we spent the afternoon with strolling through the streets, Majbritt showing me the town hall and some sightseeing points before we made our way to her home. She lives in a smaller district of Hamburg outside of the centre and so we went for a walk in the fields near a little stream with her friend Marisa and her dog later that evening. The sky has been grey but when we reached a field full of colourful flowers the sun came out behind the clouds and created an incredible, magical light while it was hanging on the horizon. You might have seen some photos on


of the bunch of flowers I picked in the sunset.

The next morning we picked up Loraina from the train station who lives nearby Hamburg and came over for a day together on Wednesday. She had been the first girl visiting me in Helsinki back in April and it was so nice to see her again and to talk and stroll through the city. We had some ice cream and a little shopping tour and did some photos in one of these old photo machines in the city. It has been so warm and sunny while we were enjoying our time together. 

On Thursday we met Nicole, who we both knew from the Internet and we were really excited to meet and spend the day with her. We made a little walk around the harbour, drove with one of the bus boats and climbed one of the sightseeing points from where we had a stunning view over the water and port. We also had a little visit in the Botanical Garden where I have been so fascinated by the big amount of cacti they had and also the banana tree where actual bananas were hanging from at the top. We had such a lovely time together, talked a lot and took some polaroids with the flowers before we said goodbye and made our way back home.

On Friday morning Majbritt, Marisa, lovely Ingrid, who joined us since we also knew each other from the internet, and I had breakfast together. We enjoyed waffles, paninis and hot chocolate while we were laughing and sharing stories. It has been such a wonderful last morning in Hamburg although it was raining heavily and I neither had a jacket nor an umbrella. But Ingrid shared hers with me and so we made our way to the railway station to say goodbye and travel back home. I had such a wonderful time in Hamburg and have been so happy to meet old friends and also new dear souls. I went home with lots of memories! 

What has your last short trip been to?