Foogy mornings, foggy minds

Oh, what wonderful mornings. I woke up at 6.30, made myself a hot chocolate, took some cookies from the shelter and sat down in bed to finish my essay. I can concentrate the best at this time of the day and somehow the feeling of the sleeping world outside calms me and makes me feel like there is nothing I miss while I am working on the assignments. Now I am under the blanket with my laptop on my lap, surrounded by books, next to me my bowl of porridge and a tea and I am chatting with my best friend talking about life and stupid boys. Life can be so wonderful, even when it is filled with stressful and annoying work.The way you deal with it is what matters.I am really happy when all of this is done in two days and I can finally start getting Christmasy and bake cookies, get a Christmas tree and walk over the Christmas market. The thought of it keeps me working on my assignments. For now, I will just continue smiling over our hilarious messages with porridge in my cheeks before I type the last pages. Have a wonderful start to the week!