The Swedish May


Hej Hej!

This bouquet of wild flowers I gathered today on my forest walk. The colors make me so happy and watching all the different flowers bending in the wind in the sun, as well. Right now it started raining after the sun came out for a few seconds. The past couple of days it has been extremly warm which I enjoy but also made work much more exhausting since I moaned the grass this week and worked outside.

The days are warm, windy, cold and rainy. A mixture of everything right now. I really enjoy to get cozy and have some soup while watching some series and the rain outside, as well as a warm summer days at the lake, the sun bringing out my freckles and the smell of sun cream. It also makes it easier for me to let my salat and cucumber grow when I don’t need to water them because the rain does it for me. There are already a few leaves coming and I am so excited for it!!


The Swedish Summer nights

The Swedish nights are magical as well. The sky turns all kind of rosy colors when the sun sets and I can watch the moon from my roof top window. The trees stand tall and I feel like they protect me while I sleep. They look like tall giants next to my window beside my bed and it is so soothing to watch them before I close my eyes. The nights are quiet and calm, before the sun rises early in the morning hours and with it earth awakes and starts a concert of all the forest birds. That’s the sound I enjoy to wake up to!

I haven’t been able to film properly the first week here in Smaland but I still wanted to share a few snippets of my first days!

Love, M.