Christmasy Hot Chocolate


These days are filled with long walks through the snowy woods and foggy winter cold. When I come back from those adventures I love to make a vegan hot chocolate and I thought I could share my favourite recipe with you. You can use either vegan or non-vegan ingredients.

All you need is:

- milk (I use oat milk by Oatly, 'cause it's my favourite)

- cream (I used the vegan one by Alpro)

- cocoa powder (I recommend the dark, raw one instead of processed, sugary one)

- cinnamon

- chocolate ( I am a big lover of the vegan Winer Nougat by Fazer)

- coooookies for snacking

Mix all of this together and heat it on the stove, and then enjoy with some pepparkaka or other Christmas cookies.

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas time so far! Not so long until Christmas!