Chasing a fox and chatting with birds in Seurasaari

Good morning, folks! We are still a little bit tired, but so very excited. Yesterday was an amazing day! We have expected to see lots of squirrels on Seurasaari, but instead, we spotted a fox and little birds sat on our hands while we were so amazed how beautiful nature is and how lucky we've been.

Eye to eye with the fox we called Finny. We spotted him in the forest after our little break and followed him through the trees. I've never seen a wild fox before and he looked like fire between the green moss.

What beautiful abandoned houses were hiding among the trees! We looked through ghostly windows, knocked at wooden doors waiting for a ghost to open. We made a little lunch break on a hill and watched the sun between the trees and the big wooden cabin right next to us. A magical place!

A small red tail between green moss, two brown eyes above a little snub nose, a wild heart beating silently in the Spring breeze.

What a magical day! Loraina and I fell into bed being super happy! I am so glad her first day here went so well and contained so many lovely moments and so much laughter. I am looking forward to the next adventure!

Pictures of me by Loraina: