Being a grown up and a snowstorm outside

Hello! *yawning* Where yesterday the sun shone brightly today a snowstorm is raging outside. I went out this morning to pay my rent and the icy wind felt like needles on my face. Like everyone else, I was tumbling around in the wind with my head hidden in thick layers of my scarf and my hat, only my eyes visible to see where I was tumbling to. After successfully paying my rent, I went to the post office to send some orders from my shop and to the grocery store to get some food. When I came back home with the bags full of good stuff, I turned on the computer and skyped with my dad to talk about financial things. I felt so very grown up today. I feel like I have good things going on and plans plans plans. After that little conversation, I organized all my important papers. I was drowning in receipts, papers from university and notes while I was eating my chocolate pudding as a little refreshment. Somehow I like these organizing sessions - make me feel so good and like an adult! Anyone else who feels like that? Now I am laying in bed, having a slight headache, watching Riverdale. What a not so interesting day, although I said that I wanna do so many cool things in this free week. Well, tomorrow is a new day! I will just enjoy the night under my warm blanket now and go to bed early so the new adventures can start as soon as possible tomorrow! Sleep tight!