Arrival of the sun

Although I feel safe and comfortable in the darkness of Winter, the arrival of the sun and her warmth on my skin makes me feel energetic and euphoric. Tiina and I went for a walk in a very beautiful area the other day, when the sun came out and created the most enchanting reflections on the shattered ice and water. 

The clicking of the ice, slopping on each other, is one of the most relaxing sounds I know. It is so magical that I have to close my eyes every time to listen to it for a while. It reminds me of wind chimes jingling in the wind. 

Oh beautiful beautiful ice, glittering magically in the sun, breaking into thousand glimpses holding it against the light!

The world was covered in autumnal orange and brown, but the wind has been as cold as the deepest December. What a charming arrival of the sun!

Some pieces of magic: